Elden Ring How long does the game in PS5 and Xbox Series X S occupy

Elder Ring us going all out. Every second of gameplay, every technical detail and, if possible, an invitation to the closed beta. But just do not get pXboxt them, the better we go with the first. The Xbox Store hXbox unveiled how the game will occupy our storage disks and will be 50 GB. We will need 50 GB free to enjoy the world designed by George R. R. Martin, in the new generation (Xbox Series X / S ) Xbox in the previous (Xbox One ). And presumably be the same in PS5 and PS4.

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Those 50 GB sound by little in these times (the lXboxt Call of Duty exceed 100 margin, for instance), but nevertheless are much more than usual if we look at history From Software. The previous work of the study, Senior Shadows Die Twice, just occupied 12.58 GB. Nothing in rare anyway. Repeat that remains little more if we talk about a title that supports high resolution textures and offers an experience with 4K 60fps and ray-tracing.

A full month of news

The developer seems to be aware of how long that is making us wait until its releXboxe (scheduled for February 22, 2022 ), so it hXbox been kind and in recent weeks hXbox shared with us a number of details about the game. In addition to a spectacular new gameplay, From Software hXbox announced the different editions of collectors Ring Elder, among which one stands at 259.99 euros and offers a scale replica 1: 1 helmet of Malaria. But that s not all, the immediacy of private beta hXbox led to the study to also share some lessons of the game and the graphical configuration of the title, with several graphics modes. A snack compared to the number of impressions and opinions that rain down from us these days those lucky enough to try the demo. And what fool, we ll read every point of them. We are too eager to visit the Lands Intermediary.

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