sentenced RWE and Prussia Muenster to fines

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2: 3, the final score stood at mid-September in Münster, before the situation escalated in the stands. Having had used during the game, both Fan lager repeatedly pyrotechnics, there were Essene s Ultras, who attended by a storm of Prussia Minster block for the inglorious climax of the riots. These have now been punished by the sports court of the West German Football Association.

Mitigating circumstances despite repetitions

Reuben Münster has been occupied due to the use of pyrotechnics with a payment of 1,500 euros, even punished, the Essene s because of the behavior of their Ultras with 5,000 euros. The efforts of the clubs and the existing awareness where it seen as mitigating as supplies confessions, it said in the verdict. Therefore, the Court considers the penalties at this level as the offense and the guilt adequate, despite the fact that both clubs have become noticeable in the past similarly.

Such scenes have in our society and of course in our stadium is no place, condemned Prussia s managing director Bernhard Niewöhner happening again significantly. It would already be comprehensive measures have been taken to exclude the future to similar incidents. However, the remaining punishment was hurting the SC Pressed Munster much so Niewöhner on.

Essen Ultras unteachable

Marcus Whig, CEO of WE, commented on again in no uncertain terms to the scenes around the seventh match day: The riots in Munster were and are intolerable and are incompatible with the values ​​of WE There is a limit was clearly exceeded.. For him was every euro we have to pay for Fanvergehen, completely unnecessary. Therefore, I have no sympathy for the renewed use of pyrotechnics during our away match in Mönchengladbach, the 50-year-old takes up the repeated misconduct of their own fan base.

Because of these recent incidents, it would set up in the fields of fan coaching and security differently in the future, stated Whig future prevention measures. Structures, processes and human resources would thereby optimize to stem as possible to such occurrences in the future. An opinion concerning the ignited pyrotechnics in Mönchengladbach is meanwhile still pending. One thing is for Whig, however, certain: As a repeat offender, this is, however, certainly be even higher.