CSGO Who are the kings without crown of the Majors after the victory of S1mple

Before Major de Stockholm, the question that emerged more frequently on Google about S1MPLE was surely the following: Has the Ukrainian won a major? Considered by Many as the best player in the world, he still lacked a great victory to secure his legacy and write his legend.

A King Without A Crown: The Curse Of s1mple

From the victory of him in Sweden, where Na vi did not even lose a single map, the letters have been repaired again. And the question now is: Is S1mple the best player in the history of CS: Go? Everyone will have their opinion, but this is the impact of a victory in a greater.

However, in the unfortunate club there are others kings without crown. There are severals currently in the Top 20 with different profiles but a common lack of success. So, who will be next to get the redemption of him?

Nike, the other best player in the world

When the Final of the Major de Stockholm Faced Navy against G2 Esports, it was known in advance that a King without crown could overcome the curse of him. The duel between the two monsters S1MPLE and Nike was favorable for the Ukrainian.

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The Bosnian will have other possibilities to shine, especially if G2 ESPORTS continues to grow. He should not despair and could be inspired by his last executioner. Considered one of the best players in the world for years (Top 5 of the HDTV ranking in 2017, 2018 and 2020) still lacks this famous title. And yet, either with G2, FAZE or even with MouseS port, he has not achieved it. For the moment, he has lost 2 finals.

ZOO, the French star

ZOO still has a lot to prove, but he is on his way to achieve a great career. Little by little, the bee takes off and today, all the protagonists of the scene respected him. For a while, he was considered one of the best, although he did not endure the rhythm of S1MPLE.

This time Team Vitality stopped at the quarterfinals. He knows little about taking into account that the team is currently third in the ranking. But after a catastrophic start, the Frenchman recovered and fell before the last winners of the tournament.

Kerrigan, the eternal aspirant

Kerrigan and the Majors. The Danish veteran has at this time 31 years and has already played 14 great tournaments. The longevity of it is amazing, but the victories never arrive. Whether with FAZE, MouseS ports, Astral is, Copenhagen Wolves or Reason Gaming, he has not achieved it. We do not know what is worse, if he plays a single ending at 14 attempts, or if after the exit of him by astral is, the team won 4 majors.

In Stockholm, Kerrigan and FAZE disappointed. They made a good start of the tournament with 3 convincing victories. But after that they were left behind and in the second phase, the team fell eliminated.

Twist, American impotence

North America is struggling to find your site in CS: Go. Europe and Russia have dominated international competitions for centuries. It is simple, since the creation of the Majors there have been 16 tournaments. Europe has won 13 and North America has only achieved a victory.

The Canadian Twist illustrates this impotence perfectly. In 2019, he dominated the world with Team Liquid. With them, he won 6 consecutive tournaments. But if the review, you will not see a major, but important competitions, but less than a major: ESL Pro League Season 9 — Finals, ESL One: Cologne 2019 or the IEM XIV — Chicago.

Although FAZE currently plays in Europe, victory at major has not yet arrived. Next to the teammate of him Kerrigan, Twist fell quickly into the Stockholm tournament.

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