Deathloop Dinga Bakaba now studio ladies of Arcane Lyon

After the departure from Romualald Apron at the beginning of October, the Deathloop-Director Dina Banana assumed the leadership of Arcane Lyon. His promotion entered into force in October, as discovered by NGC and confirmed by Banana s own LinkedIn profile.

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In addition to his new role, he will retain his duties as a co-creative director, which he shares with Art Director Sebastien Mitts. Banana has been working at Arcane Lyon since 2010, where he worked as a system designer and Associate Producer for the first Dishonored game.

After that he became lead designer for Dishonored 2 and his successor Dishonored: the death of the Outsider before he became Game Director and Co-Creative Director for Death loop.

He took over the tasks of the studio lady after his predecessor Romualald Apron had left the company at the beginning of the last month. Apron worked for the company for 17 years and left it to try something new and have a little more time for me and my family.