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Domestic service overseas OTT 3 species Lineup competition

Disney Consumer Products or DCP, also determined as Walt Disney companies, is a subsidiary and one of the 4 departments of Walt Disney Company, devoted to customer items. It manages the rights to products obtained from the different subsidiaries of Disney. Along with the Disney brand, this department manages Baby Einstein s certificate brochures, Muppets, Jet ix as well as since completion of 2009 by Wonder Home entertainment. Because 2011, the division must be the single point of contact for representatives for all products of the business, films as well as video clip games included, formerly taken care of by specialized divisions. As of 2016, she names Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media because she incorporates for the previous Disney Multimedia Group Division for economic reasons.

After Netflix, which was on the existing domestic service, Disney Plus and Apple TV plus, started to establish a domestic formal service and took the captivation of the user.

The OUT service that allows you to pay a monthly charged fee and watch freely anywhere, anytime, where you have completely replaced the contents of the content industry. If overseas contents that are represented by the previous mid of the previous 2010, these Otto play a role in enabling the public to enjoy overseas contents.

In particular, the contents produced in Korea, such as Kingdom, Suites, etc., If you are perceived as a service that allows you to re-see the movies and dramas that you have found in the past, it is now a role that provides a role in providing content that can only be enjoyed by OUT.

Which content in any OUT is the most important factor in selecting OUT services. As a recognized this, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus emphasize its own production content lineup and went to the user s gaze.

OUT with the most obvious of its own content lineup is Netflix. Netflix has entered the ball to secure its own content lineup since the success of the first self-produced political drama House of Card, which was introduced in 2013.

Netflix, which has been launched by Title and Thriller, SF, such as Sense 8, Narcoses, Strange Story, Rumor Ruler, Humor, and Alternative Story, Rumor Ruler, Humor, and Alternative Story, Rumor Ruler, Shutter, Solid Carbon, etc. Produced content began to pour a bot water.

However, it is also possible to have a lot of self-production movies and animations, but it is also characterized by a lot of boxing as a drama. There is nothing that has not been a good assessment, such as Do gong, but not a good assessment,

Two Kids One Epic Dare | Double Dog Dare You | HiHo Kids
Disney Plus is a new content associated with the existing boxing of Walt Disney Company, which has a large intellectual property (IP) that has a high awareness.

It is the greatest advantage of Disney Plus, Walt Disney s various animations and Star Wars and Marble All rights, which were released at the past theater.

In addition, the drama Wanda Vision, Falcon, Winter Solo, Loki and Pixar, Topic Shot, Poppa Popcorn, Monster, and Olga s everyday life, It is a core content that can be watched only.

Documentary lineup also attracts eye-catching. Walt Disney Company acquires the 21st Century Fox and puts it in the article on the Documentary Channel National Geographic.

However, if it is a weakness of Disney Plus, it is pointed out to the weakness that the dependence on Star Wars and Marvel IP is too high. The high existing IP dependence is that it does not know if it is a fan of these content, but it is also a story that there is no reason to be interested in interest.

There is also a burden that the viewers should have a certain degree of understanding about each IP because they are building a huge world view and build a huge world view of both and all of them.

Although it seems unbeatable to compare with Netflix, which has been inevitable, which has been served by Walt Disney which is a result of the birth of Walt Disney, which is a result of the birth, Lack of it.

Of course, the number of lines is small, and it does not have any content that is enjoyable. SF Drama Amazing Story and Tom Hanks Starring SF Movie Finch, Terms, awarded Emmy Akira Comedy Series, is a typical popular content that Apple TV Plus is an Apple TV plus.

Apple TV plus the first Korean drama Doctor Lane, which is the first Korean drama Doctors Lane, which is the original webtoon of the same name, is also a content that look at it. Actor Lee Sunken takes his protagonist, and a hot-rolled Doctor Brain is a hot-rolled doctor brain, which is a genius brain scientist, and a story that has accessed the brain of the dead and finds their memories.