Italy snapped into the play offs and speaks of the World Cup

Roberto Mancini has returned success to soccer in Italy, which is out of the question. The EM victory in summer in Wembley (3: 2 I.e. against England) and the interim world record series of 37 international matches without defeat are the largest achievements.

But for many weeks, the worm is in it, which has shown itself especially in the so important World Cup qualifier about 1: 1 against Bulgaria, about 0: 0 in Switzerland (missed Jericho penalty), about 1 : 1 against Switzerland (missed Jericho penalty) and now on Monday evening especially at 0: 0 in Northern Ireland. And because the Swiss himself won 4-0 against Bulgaria, Italy is still slipped in the K. s decision.

A drama that directly awakens the evil memories of 2017: At that time in November, the Azure lost the first leg in Sweden with 0: 1, only shortly thereafter in his own country not over a 0: 0. Giannini buffoon in tears — so the former picture.

MANCINI goes ahead with optimism

So now it goes back to the play-offs, which rising this time in March 2022 — and expire slightly differently: Italy must first win a K. O. game in the semifinals (24./25. March), then a few Days later in a final (28/29 March) of one of three other World Cup tickets to get hold of (here s the exact mode). There could be theoretically to a duel with Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal or Latin Ibrahimović Sweden.

For National Trainer Roberto Mancini, however, is the matter, or so clearly, as he communicated in conversation with RAI Sport : At the moment we are just trying to shoot goals — although we determine the game and take the initiative. We can take over the initiative But now nothing changed to have to go the detour. That s a pity, especially as we have to make this group had to make clear.

Italy joins Portugal in the playoffs to decide their World Cup fate | Highlights | ESPN FC

I firmly believe that we continue to be a big team.

Roberto Mancini

The coach is therefore not afraid and attached with a view to the World Cup ticket decision in 2022: We just have to find back to what has awarded us for a long time. We will prepare each other meticulously on March and then self-confident go to the play-offs. And then we will book our place at the World Cup — and then hopefully also win the tournament. Because I firmly believe that we continue to be a big team. Even if that is a difficult moment now, Because we have simply thrown away the direct qualification that we almost safely in our hand.

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