Disney World Is Coming To Minecraft

I'm Going to Disney World...in Minecraft! Walt Disney Magic Kingdom DLC (Switch)
As part of the party of Walt Disney World s 50th anniversary, Disney is releasing a big Minecraft DLC that will let players check out an online version of the Florida amusement park. The pack includes a map that recreates Disney World s Magic Kingdom, full of character fulfill and welcomes, gamer skins, as well as even a virtual variation of the park s legendary fireworks show.

The map recreates a number of the park s prominent tourist attractions, consisting of Huge Thunder Hill Railway, Haunted Manor, Space Mountain, Forest Cruise, and Pirates of the Caribbean, making it an alluring proposition for Disney World fans that have been avoided the real-world park as a result of the pandemic.

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The DLC pack consists of 29 Disney as well as Pixar characters that gamers can fulfill as well as welcome, as well as 25 various Disney-themed skins for players to spruce up in, in addition to personality maker items such as the iconic Mickey as well as Minnie Computer mouse ears.

The DLC pack is available on the Minecraft Market for 1340 Mine coins, which deserves a little less than $10. The DLC can be downloaded and install by accessing the Marketplace on whatever system you used to play Minecraft.

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