Dwayne The Rock Johnson wants to become new James Bond

James Bond, Agent 007, is a secret representative developed by Ian Fleming, that benefits MI6. In the Roman Gambling Enterprise Royale (1953) he had his opening night. Fleming wrote twelve novels and 9 brief stories around James Bond up until his death in 1964. The brief tales were published in two accumulating beads.
In 1954, the very first TV film with the representative under the title Casino Royale appeared on the exact same name. Barry Nelson was seen in the major role as Jimmy Bond. The start of EON Productions Ltd. Produced Bond collection (in the more EON series) can be found in 1962 under the title James Bond — 007 Pursued Dr. Now with Sean Connery in the primary role in the cinemas. This was complied with by additional successful movie theater manufacturing with numerous bond entertainers. Over time James Bond became a pop-cultural symbol. In parallel, the altering role of the Bond Entertainer has come to be a prominent job in the movie company.

Nevertheless, Bond-novels Fleming filmed or at the very least parts or the title had actually been taken over, various other writers created the templates for the scripts. From different authors there are also various other novels to the number.

After over 15 years, actor Daniel Craig in James Bond 007: No time to die his last appearance as James Bond had. For some time, fans worldwide now ask who will replace the actor in the future. While the responsible do not have made a decision, a famous name from Hollywood now brings himself into the race.

Will Dwayne The Rock Johnson the next James Bond?

In an interview, Hollywood actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson talked about his connection to the Bond Universe. Accordingly, his grandfather was already as villain in you only live twice. Peter Marva tried to stop the famous 007 agents with a mix of wrestling movements and a Katina.

Now Johnson wants to step into the footsteps of his Opus and also get a part in the world of James Bond. And it should be the main role. A rogue is probably not eligible for the actor this time.

Does The Rock have a chance on the role as James Bond?

Dwayne Johnson Says He Wants To Be The Next Bond

Especially fans of the series it is important that James Bond is played by a British actor. This also makes sense because Bond is a British secret agent. However, Pierce Brosnan (Ireland) and George Latency (Australia) already presented exceptions here. An American actor — like Dwayne Johnson — has not yet done it in the role.

Who will be the next James Bond?

According to current rumors, there seems to be some favorites when it comes to the succession of Daniel Craig. It is Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Henry Cavils. Only next year would the responsible persons begin with the selection procedure.

Source: Esquire

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