Conclusion to the German country of country

What remains of this international game in 2021? Thomas Müller, world champion in 2014 and three times at a World Cup and European active, with the experience of his 110 caps and 32 years of age an ideal witness for the right answer, which he aptly combines in two. We would have liked a better EM. And: In September, a new era has begun.

The 0: 2 defeat against England in the second round of the pan-European tournament end in June 2021 marked the end of the 15 years under the national coach Joachim Low, Hans Flick took over (56). Since then, the DFB team arrive in seven games seven wins and 31: 2 goals. Admission to the 2022 World Cup has been so — except for one — caught confidently 2-stigma against Northern Macedonia in late March.

All already qualified for the World Cup nations find can find here!

All Endings: Germany

As with its extremely successful work at Bayern, as he collected seven titles in one and a half years, the football teacher puts Flick on the fun factor, the team spirit and the internal harmony and aggressive, courageous, researching football. The team played with joy and fun, he said after the 4: 1 victory in Yerevan. Wants the team.

On some positions we even top players.


This state of mind of the players can be felt under new head coach. Where they had previously rather inhibited since the wayward 2018 World Cup overall, they shall now free off and sprayed enthusiasm. Leroy Sané, displaced from the right to the left wing and with all freedoms cross-country road, is this liberation as well as Jonas Hoffmann, converted the flick to the right-back with any offensive orientation. We have every position an enormous quality, says Flick, he sees at any position two, three players that we have previously searched desperately. He calls the U-21 European champion Karim Adam and Luke Mecca supplemented for the storm and On some positions, we even have top players.

Flick: We are back

In this rating Flick refers to the finals of the Champions League in 2020 and 2021. Since many, many German players have been on the pitch, he says, there were twelve: New, Sure, Gretzky, Gimmick, Gary, Müller for the FC Bayern in 2020 at 1: 0 victory over Paris with Keeper and Dealer; with a 1 in 2021 Rudder, Avert and Werner on behalf of Chelsea FC, the Loving Cup: 0 win over Manchester City and Play Gunboat won as a team. We do not need to hide, concludes Flick to right, is the quality of his chosen ones in this quantity for good and summarizes the review and outlook: The games have shown that we are back I think so., is that the team against stronger opponents can still improve.

This condition will have to meet them. For the challengers in Group not the best in Europe and in the world are like Flick, Müller or previously Marco Reus realistic conceded. They were grateful sparring partner under Flick strengthened in the still obscure start-confidence and brightened the team internal mood. Everyone is happy to international and happy for the team that, says the coach and praises the family atmosphere that he knew as the national team.

test matches in March: England and South Africa in conversation

Although enthusiastic about getting started on track Flick looks but also the deficits. The precision forward he sometimes misses, the positioning needs to be improved, as is the defensive cooperation, where he issues identified as a permanent residual defense with a DFB man in majority.

After a successful warm-up a first intermediate check against a stronger opponent is to be passed in March, England and South Africa are as tasks in conversation, possibly Greece. In May / June then followed by four games in the Nations League — and at the end of the World Cup. And in this tournament no later than waiting for the worlds best teams.

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