Ridley Scott blames the Millennials for the failure of his recent movie

For a couple of months, theaters have begun to work once again, giving an opportunity to the various proposals in this market. While we have seen Marvel and more Blockbuster have come forward, another type of tapes continue to face a lack of attendees. This is the case of The last duel, film directed by Ridley Scott, which failed at the box office. In this way, filmmaker pointed to the Millennials and their cell phones as those responsible.

In a recent interview on the Podcast of Marc Aaron’s WTF, Scott mentioned that the lack of attendees to the film of him is because the Millennials are not interested in learning something if this information does not come from their cell phones. This was what he commented:

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I think everything is reduced to: what we have today [are] audiences that were raised with these damn mobile phones. The Millennials [sic] never want them to teach them anything unless they are told on a cell phone.

This is a broad stroke, but I think that we are dealing with that right now on Facebook. This is an error of direction that has occurred when you have been given the wrong type of confidence to this last generation, I think.

The last duel is a tape that develops in the Middle Ages, which tells the story of a duel between two nobles to defend the honor of a woman. This production cost $100 million dollars, but only collected $27 million at the box office.

Although this project had the participation of actors like Ben Affleck, Jodie Eat, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver, and Criticism loved Ridley Scott’s work, The audience simply was not interested in this work. On related topics, a series of Blade Runner is already underway.

Ridley Scott Blames “Millenians” for his Cinematic Endeavor Last Duel’s Box Office Flop | Zel Theory
Editor’s note:

This shows once today’s cinema almost does not have space for movies of this type. Most productions have to be based on a book, comic or use nostalgia to attract audiences. Proposals such as The last duel are worthwhile, but they can not compete against market giants.

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