1 FC Cologne Secret plan of the VfB Stuttgart revealed Alexander Wehrle also offspring

Looking for a successor for board leader Thomas Hitzlsperger, VfB Stuttgart has apparently finally set itself a wish-candidate: Alexander Were, currently managing director of 1. FC Cologne. But the offspring boss of Bayern should also play a role in the planning of Swabia.

Thomas Hitzlsperger will not extend its expiring contract at VfB Stuttgart. In the fall of 2022, the term of office of the ex-national player is concluded as Chief Executive Officer in the Rural. Behind the scenes, the search for a successor for Hitzlsperger is already in full swing.

If one believes managing directors picture, the CFB guidance on Sunday evening in a secret session has made important points in relation to the personnel. Accordingly, the Supervisory Board finally has qualified Alexander Were as top candidates on the released boss item.

VfB Stuttgart gegen 1. fC Köln

The native Baden-Württemberg made between 2003 and 2012 his first attempts in professional football as a speaker of the CFB board. Then he changed as Managing Director for 1. FC Cologne. In a traditionally troubled environment, the now 46-year-old makes good work there. Allegedly, he can imagine a return home.

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VfB Stuttgart: Young boss of Bavaria also a topic?

If the Wunschlösung Were does not realize, it should also appear John mad in the thought games of the Stuttgart boss. The 49-year-old dates like Were from Baden-Württemberg and worked at Bertha BSC, the VFL Wolfsburg and at Red Bull Salzburg. Since 2017 he heads the junior department of FC Bayern.

Whether the CFB wants to endeavor to employ an external managing directors director, according to the report, the report has not yet been conclusively clarified. Although Jodi Chatziallexiou, currently managing directoring director of German national teams, should be a candidate.

But it would be conceivable but also an internal cast, for example by a carriage of managing directors director Sven Distinct.

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