Nexon New Action RPG Dunpa Mobile

[Data provided: Nixon]

Dragon Hound Online - CG Trailer Unreal Engine 4 New Action RPG Game NEXON G STAR 2018

Nexon IP based on 850 million people worldwide

Starting a dictionary registration event from 25th on the first quarter of the year in the first quarter

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Nixon said the 2D Action RPG, Developed Today (25th) Neon, and it is ahead of the domestic services of RPG (Funds Mobile).

has 80 million users around the world, and the Cumulative sales is $18 billion, and is a 2D mobile action RPG based on Nixon Representative Studies IP, which has achieved the highest performance.

During the first quarter of next year, they are exploring the development of domestic services, and in the first quarter of Dun pa Mobile, for the first time in Dun pa Mobile, the unique nature of Dun pa’s multi-bus worldview and character-specific personality, etc. We are in dictionary registration and gathering great expectations.

The user who participated in the pre-registration provides both the ‘SD Creature Box’, the title item ‘the first adventurer’, ‘1 million gold’, ‘Heartbeat Megaphone (10)’ items.

is the largest feature of the original action and an indispensable implementation of the original action, which is a fast action and an exciting inexperilation based on 2D dot graphics and manual combat that utilize the unique emotions.

In addition, to maximize the fun of manual combat, we have a new way of using mobile touch operations, and you can experience the action pleasure of high quality to select a skill operation method according to each user style.

For more information on pre-registration, see Dictionary Registration page.

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