St Pauli at Schultz

His name is representative of the upswing at FC St. Pauli: Time Schultz. As novices in the professional sector, the St. Pauli Responsible took the license team before the 2020/21 season as successor to Jo’s Luxury. First, Schultz and St. Pauli still had to pay for apprenticeship. At the turn of the year — which was not synonymous with the end of the hue because of the Corona Pandemic — the Kiev Jos Luhukays with only eight points and a victory on the penultimate table rank.

But in 2021 St. Pauli put on an impressed catch-up hunt. Thanks to fast and attractive offensive football, victory was ranked to victory, the league stopped quickly. With 21 victories from 36 lots and 68 points no second division in 2021 also played almost as successful as St. Pauli. And this season, the hamburger mix with top from the beginning.

Bornean: I believe that we can announce something soon

But the Treaty of Schultz, the St. Pauli shaped within one and a half years from the cellar to the rise candidate, ends with expiry of this season. Given the success story, which the 44-year-old writes at the millennia, it does not surprise that the responsible persons in terms of extension soon want to make nails with heads: Timely says that it should not be in too distant future, said Sports chef Andreas Bornean on Wednesday evening in the half-time break of the game against the SV Tannhauser (3: 1) on the Sky microphone. We move to the target straight. If something is signed, then it is proclaimed. I believe that we have come relatively far and soon can announce something, Bornean continued to announce. A good date for this would be the 1st of December when the annual general meeting of St. Pauli’s is pending.

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Schultz: Now crisp games come

Before that, however, the top duel is rising at the fifth 1. FC Nuremberg (13.30, live! At Jos Luhukay). Now, Schultz, come crisp games. After the hardship test at the club in Franconia a week later Schalke 04 at the millennia (4 December), marriage to the closing of the first round the guest match at Fortuna Düsseldorf (December 11). We will have to invest everything if we want to have the right to stand up in winter, Schultz said.