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Chapter 2 of Fortnite is nearing completion: By -game event The End derives Epic Games the next chapter for the popular Battle Royale Shooter one. The final event will take place on December 4, at 22 o’clock German time instead. On you waiting for the final battle with the cube queen — and the fate of the island. It supports groups of up to 16 players simultaneously pull into the fight. Announces you most about half an hour before the event in Fortnite to secure a spot.

It is also advisable to adjust your settings before the start of The End as how you want to experience the event — this applies for example to the graphics options. As the season ends a day earlier, all players who log in before the end of the season, 225,000 EP as a reward, Epic Games says. As a souvenir, all participants of the final events get a special loading screen and a coating for Fortnite (buy now €40.00).

What you have done should before the start of Chapter 3

The End - The Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale Event Teaser Trailer
Before Fortnite starts in Chapter 3, you should still do the remaining in Chapter 2 Season 8 orders and earn not yet activated rewards. By the end of the season on December 4, at 22 o’clock, for example it is advisable to pages 1 and 2 to complete the cube Queen orders and find all color bottle and rainbow ink to unlock more styles of cartoon fish.

Moreover, their remaining Battle Star should be exchanged for rewards. The latter are otherwise automatically exchanged for the earliest available rewards at the end of the season. Orders of parcels and the cemetery drift order package will, however, transferred to the next season.

Bullion can not take into Chapter 3 of Fortnite it. This Tuesday will start at 15 o’clock the Wild week: bargain hunting that helps you to go to spend the ingots. As cost services characters and trading against exotic objects only half.

A look into the past

Look before the start of Chapter 3 also in the Once upon a time of the Discover screen in Fortnite over. There are live five maps created by players who are inspired by the story of Fortnite. In Tilted zone Wars (A), for example, enemies can spawn in the same building, apply the same rules as in solo mode.

In Athena Royale turn classic Fortnite waiting for you: 50 players compete at their favorite locations against each other and rely on classic objects in order to get the epic victory. Moreover, their rages you to jailbreak Kevin shop, Death run — Kevin of the dice and Pirates of Tortilla.

Whether it comes after the end of a day-long black hole as Fortnite player already received in 2019 to face remains to be seen. The BR-shooter that time was down for days and not playable.

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