Allegedly use much more gamers on Windows 11 as others how does it come

Fora Horizon 4 is a computer game for the Xbox One, Xbox Series and also Microsoft Windows platforms. The Open World Competing Video game is the fourth part of the Fora Perspective series as well as the follower to Fora Perspective 3. The video game was developed by Playground Games and also Turn 10 Studios and also released in October 2018 by Microsoft Studios.

According to Steam, the number of gamers, the Windows 11 use is steadily increasing. The operating system is hardly represented among other users. That could also be because the high demands prevent upgrade.

Steam publishes polls at regular intervals, so-called hardware surveys. Here users are asked which hardware they use and Steam collects the entire data. These data are often helpful if you want to observe certain trends.

What the numbers in November?

Windows 11 64 bit has recovered 6.46% and is now 8.28%.
Windows 10 64 bit lost 6.05% and is now 83.38%.

Above all, the current numbers show that the share of Windows 11 has risen significantly under the gamers. First, that may not be surprising because the Windows 11 release has been a good one before a month ago. But supposedly, significantly more gamers use Windows 11 as the public.

New system requirements prevent upgrade to Windows 11

Why is Windows 11 unpopular? Microsoft had significantly set the requirements for the hardware with the announcement of Windows 11. If these requirements are not fulfilled, Windows will upgrade to the latest version.

Now the IT management company Minesweeper explained that probably just half of all computers in offices could meet the current requirements of Windows 11 (via

Either according to Minesweeper in the computers too little memory is installed or most computers do not support TPM 2.0 support. Above all, the lack of support of TPM 2.0 should be a reason why many computers get no upgrade.

What is TPM? TPM stands for Trusted Platform Modules. This module is often installed as a small chip on your main board and is responsible for various security tasks.

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Because TPM 2.0 can not easily be retrofitted, such as more memory. If you want to retrofit TPM 2.0, then you need a newer processor and also a motherboard.

Some motherboards also offer the ability to retrofit TPM using a TPM header module. But there must be a corresponding slot (header) on your motherboard and each slot looks different because there is no uniform standard here

The missing hardware should also apply to many Office computers that many people have been using at home for many years, as hardware has never been particularly important for office tasks.

At Gamer, in turn, it looks a bit different because Gamers are interested in gambling on current hardware so that the games look good, and the frame rate remains stable.

Gamers often have more modern hardware than other users

Under Gamer, the hurdles are likely to be significantly lower to switch to Windows 11, as the hardware requirements in most cases should be fulfilled here. And that also show the statistics on Steam (via

Most gamers have now installed 8 GB of memory or even more. Almost half of all gamers even has 16 GB.

Most users on Steam have either a 4-core or a 6-core processor

Especially the hardware scarcity and the high demand for consoles and graphics cards shows that many gamers are quite willing to invest money in their hobby. Since Windows 11 also offers special features for gamers, many gamers are quite rather ready to switch to the new operating system.