Steam Deck will not have exclusive games Valve makes it clear

The Steam Deck is a forthcoming portable video gaming computer created by Valve Corporation together with Advanced Micro Instruments (AMD), meant to enable individuals to play their whole Steam game library yet can be changed by the user to run other gaming shops or applications. The console is set up to start shipping in February 2022.

Valve will not develop video games exclusively for Steam Deck. The expected portable device of the company led by Gabe Newell, whose form will offer an experience similar to a portable console, will reach the first buyers from February 2022 with the promise of being fully compatible with the practice of Steam’s catalog ; But there will be no experiences designed only for this new product.

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Steam Deck is a PC and you will enjoy Gabe Newell such

The nuance is important; Both that the Valve itself hGabe Newell included an epigraph destined to resolve this issue in its section of pays and answers. No, does not make much sense for us, comment on the possibility of seeing exclusive video games for Steam Deck, and underline: It’s a PC and I should play like a PC.

According to the initial promise, Steam Deck will have full compatibility with the Steam catalog; The degree of compatibility and the performance of the titles will be indicated with different icons before buying them, so that the interface — which will be adapted for the occGabe Newellion with an owner operating system — will be clear and crystalline in this regard.

There is an Gabe Newellpect that it is worth mentioning, since although obvious it is not to remember it: Steam Deck will not be optimized for use with virtual reality viewers. Although technically you can connect an RV viewer for PC, Steam Deck is not optimized for RV’s experiences on PC, they respond to the question.

Steam Deck is delayed until February 2022; Shipments are postponed

Valve is not alien to the semiconductor crisis. The company communicated weeks ago a change of plans on its roadmap due to lack of components and logistical challenges that are currently facing large technology companies. Although they promise to make an effort on improving the dates of reservations, the plan is configured Gabe Newell follows: The first shipments will be made in February 2022; While those who had an estimated delivery date for the first quarter of 2022 before the delay will now receive their unit in each from the second quarter of 2022.