Highly rated dot picture Action RPG “Oceans Heart” Nintendo Switch version Domestic announcement, to release on February 10th. Beginning of adventure

Publisher’s Concurrent announced on January 13, Ocean’s Heart (Oceans Heart) Nintendo Switch version will be released on February 10 for domestic. Price is 1620 yen. Text in the game corresponds to Japanese. Action adventure that has already been released and well-received for PC will finally come to Japan’s Nintendo E shop.

Oceans Heart is a search type action RPG drawn in a pixel art. The main character is a girl Tibia. She will be traveling to her adventure to look for her father who has been exposed to pirates. It is overwhelmed by the misty forest, the witness of the people, and the swamp of saltwater, and so on.

Tibia flies to a mighty enemy with various weapons and ancient magic. If she is looking for a special material and upgrading her weapons, her handful monsters can also be a big deal. She collects various materials around the world, making medicine, upgrades weapons, and increases the item more and more.


This work has been released a PC version for Steam and in January 2021. There are more than 500 reviews, and evaluation is very popular. 2D The Legend of Zelda This work is a book that is a principle that is advocated, but it will be a reason for high evaluation that it is politely finished while tracing the attraction of such reference.

Oceans Heart Nintendo Switch Version will be released on February 10th. It is also delivered for PC.