Awesome Games Done Quick: Speedrun event collects more than 3 million US

Awesome Games Done Quick is probably the the largest event in the gaming industry , when it comes to collecting donations for social projects . Every year in January gather numerous Speed runner to try new records within a week and to collect as much money as possible.

This year’s ADQ event was again a complete success. Nearly 3.5 million US dollars have come together by the countless spectators from all over the world, the madness sum goes to the Foundation Prevent Cancer , which fights for early detection and cancer treatment, to patients affected help.

A magnificent Speed run buffet

Of course, each time Speed run fans and video game friends gather themselves specially to attend the event and donate for a good cause. Such a sum would hardly come about, if not the organizers and the Speed runner themselves would be so much heart-blood into the matter .

Accordingly, there was again this year rich banquet for enthusiasts of fast graduation . Of retro classics such as Castlemaine, new titles like Kenya: Bridge of Spirits or Hades to Loop Action with Games like It Takes Two offered the event a bandwidth on various video games , where everyone is the taste in the One or the other kind could discover. On the YouTube channel of the event you will find almost all runs of the last week and can see you again your favorites.

Regardless of this was a run but well a clear highlight : Speed runner Mitchell has played through from Pieces of software Samurai masterpiece Senior in just over two hours — and with connected eyes . For some time, the Speed runner can be blind to be trust and completed Senior in less than five hours last year. For ADQ he seems to have improved again a whole corner.