“The boy is crazy”: It was not Pherais first artistic shot

It was a very wild game, a chaotic game, especially in the first half, said BVB-Keeper Stefan Drama after the encounter of magenta sports. In the first round, the game was shaped by two bunks. We also let ourselves be given a bit of the Mannheim, also too much lamented with the referee. We did not focus on the essentials. The announcement in the cabin has been produced, that’s why we now have three points.

Drama causes and parsing penalty

At the break, the BVB could be glad that it was only 0: 1 from the point of view of black and yellow, because Waldo had more and better chances. After the break, the guests as described by the keeper were better in there — and rewarded with the compensation. Almost the game would be tilted in the direction of the host, because Drama got the legs in the sixteen Anton-Leander Donor. However, the Keeper parishes the penalty. Thank God, I was able to refuse my mistake. I’m glad I could apologize to the team and the guys have got wind for the final phase, says Drama.

After the parent penalty in the 80th minute, an open final phase developed, which was decided at the end by a geniustreich. After a misused header of Marcel Secret, in the center Immanuel Pherae came to the ball. The 20-year-old did not float long and moved from over 30 meters immediately — the ball sailed over the Time Königsmann posted too far from his goal and hit 2: 1 one.

Pherae managed this feat twice before


The boy is crazy, he is known for something like that. That’s madness, Ranged Drama. And the scorer himself explained that such hits succeed once and at once. I’ve done that in the U 16 and U 17 at AZ Alkmaar before, says Pherae, who explains, I’ve seen the goalkeeper stood in front of his goal. I have nothing to lose and just tried it. Of course, it takes fortune.

It was the hit that brought the BVB to the winning course. With the final whistle, the substitute Tobias Rascal by penalty produced the 3: 1 final score. We started shit, were much better in the second half. A little luck you always have to win here, because Mannheim has a perfect team, knows Pherae, who explained what the second team of Dortmund distinguishes: We are always playing as a team. This belief and the mentality simply distinguish us.