Dark Souls role play will have a classic gameplay of dragons and dungeons

While Stamford Games announced last December the next launch of a Dark Souls role play , the company revealed these days a little more information about the project. Recently it was announced through a statement that the board game will use the rules and the game of the classic board game of the fifth edition of dragons and dungeons . ** What could be better than mixing the king of games of Role as a base and mix it with one of the most transcendent RPGs of the history of video games?

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Through a statement, Steam forged Games said he wants _ “preserve the unique mechanics of Dark Souls” _ by including _ “classes of customized characters, a completely new magic system and a full bestiary full of creatures of Dark Souls”._ Although we still do not know the nature of these classes and monsters in question, we can suspect that the brand will not move away from the world of the Action-RPG we know. The company is not in its first attempt with the license, since previously had launched a board game called Dark Souls: The Board Game .

The Table Game Brand has presented the Book titled Dark Souls: The Role playing Game , which details everything the players need to know about the characters, campaigns, articles and more features that can be seen along the game. A dark but very well illustrated manual that immediately transports players to the magical universe of the Form Software license. The role play will be available to reserve next February and will be launched in the spring of this year. There is still no exact date, but we know that the game will arrive soon. That is why if you are attracted to the universe of Dark Souls and you fascinate the roleplaying games, this board game is for you.