Outriders accidentally diffuse a 4th class leak

Outriders New Horizon Update Full Presentation

You have heard it here first: Outriders mysterious 4th class sank in the first edition of Outriders Broadcast! Without a doubt, the video was so full of content that it would have been easy to miss (hell, we missed it the first time!) But the fans of Outriders with a sharp eye may have noticed At 8:55 in the video they scroll through a menu embodiment. In the blink of an eye and you will miss, the 4th the unexpected class is there to see everything!

Outriders was discreet on social media and press events as to the identity of the 4th class that makes it unfortunate this little slippage enters the video. What could you ask? The answer is simple and seems obvious once you know it: The Technomancer.

In February, we went to an exclusive OUTRIDERS event to move forward with the game. We had some ideas and some loose speculations on what the 4th class could be, but Technomance never came – why would He in a world devoid of technology? The details have not yet been unveiled on the class, but speculation is that it will work as a long-range specialist and could work as a class of “invoker” type, one of the few features that are not Not yet seen in the other classes.

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