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Path of Exile: the most profitable swelling of the atlas (PoE 3.17)

With the release of Siege of The Atlas, a new tree of passive skills appeared in the game, which is actively used in a high-level game. Newbies This tree shocks as much as the usual passive skill tree opened in the very first act.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Low-level cards
  • 3. Rituals, Essences and Flame Exarch (Alch & GO)
  • 4. Pharm abundance
  • 5. Farm Bossov
  • 6. Prerefficers, Essences and Stray Exiles (Alch & GO)
  • 7. Hybrid skills with a choice of mechanic
  • eight. Conclusion

1. Introduction

We have gathered different builds for the atlas, which are used when mastering the content in the “Retribution” league. We are planning to make changes to Hyde as relevant information is received. Stay tuned!

Of course, the list below is not exhaustive, we list only the most popular and efficient combinations for different style styles.

The choice of some skills (in particular, those associated with the extraction of maps) are dictated by the features of the League “Retribution”. These skills are often found and in the overwhelming majority of cases pay off the glasses spent on them.

2. Low-level cards

With a low-level farm, we recommend that you optimize the process of mining maps providing progress in mastering. The combination of skills in question does not require large investments, in the future it will be “deployed” to any side. Entity nodes simplify the process of selecting equipment in the first days of the league, but we still recommend that you choose card nodes.

Atlas Skill Tree for Low World Card Pharmaceutical

3. Rituals, Essences and Flame Exarch (Alch & GO)

Path of Exile 3.17 What's the BEST Atlas Tree?
In this tree there are skills in essence, firm, rituals, interference and increasing the size of the packs on the maps. The ritual is the most expensive option in the car of the motherboard, without the corresponding talents you will have to spend a lot of currency on it.

In previous add-ons, kraft guns with entities left much to be desired. In the light of the latest changes, entity modifiers can be compared with modifiers T1 (for example, a stunning essence of contempt of a slightly inferior to ruthless). In the presence of the necessary ability to keep the entity very quickly – they can be sold or used in the craft.

Atlas Skill Tree with Rituals for Alch & Go

4. Pharm abundance

With the addition of a desecrated gaming, players can receive gems of the abyss with 5 or 6 modifiers. These gems are used in many top builds, and they can be beneficial to sell.

With monsters in the abyss, more currency falls than usual. In addition, it is possible to produce dark vice (belt for top build) and entity for sale or crafting. For maximum return, it is recommended to farm cards improved by rusty scarabs of the abyss, as well as highly tire cards.

Atlas Skill Tree for Pharmaceutical Pharmacy

5. Farm Bossov

This tree is suitable for those who prefer to farm bosses and rarely goes to the cards. The skills provide maximum prey from all bosses (fiery exam, Eater, the Creator, Ancient and so on).

Atlas Skill Tree for Pharma Boss

6. Prerefficers, Essences and Stray Exiles (Alch & GO)

Another tree for Alch & Go, which allows you to receive additional currency at the expense of the farm of precursors and exile with minimal investments and efforts by the player. It also gives access to cards with high-tire modifiers.

The resulting entities can be applied not only to the cards, but also to equipment for specific slots (for example, a stunning essence of hostility makes it possible to get a belt with intelligence). You can also benefit from other players.

Atlas Skill Tree for Farma Harbing (Alch & GO)

7. Hybrid skills with a choice of mechanic

In this tree, you can choose your favorite mechanics with the basic skills on the bosses. Bild provides a comfortable and relaxed pharmaceutical content of different types.

Hybrid Atlas Skill Tree

eight. Conclusion

The guide describes the optimal paths (skill skills) atlas. If you think that the proposed options are not suitable for you, boldly change them to your needs and do not forget to share with us the most successful options. We will be happy to learn something new from you!

I have questions?

We want our guides bring the maximum benefit to the game community. If you think that we missed something, ask a question in the comments, and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.