A Nuremberg in Green Bay: Eberle Eberle now part of the packers

At the end of December, Dominik Eberle had his first great appearance in the NFL: after the Houston Texans of the Etatter Eberle Ka’imi Fairbairen had failed at short notice due to Corona, the nürnberger from the Practice Squad was ordered to the team and three times at 41:29 against The Los Angeles Chargers sent for a Field Goal on the field.

Its considerable balance after: In front of 65,000 spectators, Eberle turned two of three shots, one (at the same time his first) even from a handsome distance of 51 yards. In addition, the player retained the nerves for all five extra points. He used his short-term opportunity so well – and even praise from 1. FC Nuremberg. He himself remained modest.

And although then it was no longer enough for another performance, the 25-year-old Germans made a decisive attention. So crucial that now the Green Bay Packers struggle and committed the Eberle.

Eberles Fourth NFL station

At the age of 14, Eberle was once moving to California together with his parents from the Middle Franconian Grosshaslach, in College he convinced with some records. The professional was active for Utah State in 43 playing – including amazing statistics of 359 points, 64 Field Goals, 167 extra points and a quota at the extra points of great 100 percent.

Dominik Eberle | USU Football | Nuremberg, Germany
In the NFL, however, he could not prove himself as undrafted player at the Las Vegas Raiders (2020 to 2021) as well as the Carolina Panthers (2021), he was sorted out after short stays – before giving the opportunity in the Texan metropolis.

This enabled him now his fourth station in Green Bay, where in recent years Always Oldie and 2011 Super Bowl winner Mason Crosby (37, since 2007 in the team) was set.