Man steals $ 250 thousand dollars in Pokemon cards

Pokémon cards have become so popular and expensive, that some people are capable of committing illegal acts to get one of these packages. This is the case of a thief, who burst into a US store, stealing $ 250 thousand dollars in letters.

According to Fox 9, Punch Out Gaming store at Forest Lake, Minnesota, was stolen last week. In the middle of the night, a man entered this facility with multiple Pokémon TCG packages. According to a security video, The alarms did not sound because the man in question did not enter through the door or window, but opened a hole in the wall . When he was an interview, this was what the owner of the establishment said:

“I realized how much money, product and time we invest, and I started crying. I can not recover this product because our distributors do not have any. Then, even with the insurance money, that does not do us any good. “

Since then, The official account of the store has revealed that they currently have a thousand Booster Boxes and 600 Elite Trainer boxes for the new BRILLIANT STARS set, although the loss of $ 250 thousand dollars in product is a pity, it seems that The place will be able to move forward.

On related topics, this will be a week loaded with Pokémon ads. Similarly, modders are already working to fix Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Editor’s note:

Although knowing the price of a highly rare card is something exciting for some, for others it is more interesting to see when this type business does not come out as expected, as the case of Logan Paul. While this business continues to grow, these cases are likely to increase.