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How to pass the ruins of the relic “Long Beach” in Horizon Forbidden West?

Some of the new tests added to the Horizon Forbidden West map are called Relic Ruins. Ruins of relics can be found across the entire map, and players will have to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to find collected items stored in each of the ruins.

Ruins of Long-Costa relics are confused. Thickets of jungle and vegetation in the area may make it difficult to view objects and key points at a distance. Players will also need update igniter on their spear, before they can take up these ruins of relics. Steps to be taken to complete Ruins Relics: Long Coast Listed below:

  • Step 1 : Players must enter the ruins of relics from the west. It will place them next to some key areas. Entering the building, look to the right to see the luminous blue socket of Energy Cell. It will come in handy later. Behind the power socket will also be an elevator that will be used to obtain decoration.
  • Step 2 : Enter the elevator and use the tractor to lower the grille on the ceiling. This hole will be used later.
  • Step 3 : Now that it is done, players need to find an energy character that feeds the elevator. When you first enter the building from the Western entrance, players should have noticed a staircase leading to the second level of the building. Climb on this staircase and turn left at the top. Follow this path down until you find the ENERGY CELL charger.
  • Step 4 : Disconnect the power of the charger and deliver it to the outlet on the elevator. The energy cell can be discharged, so players must quickly connect it to the outlet.
  • Step 5 : Once the energy is in the outlet, the elevator must be powered. Before it can be used properly, you must configure a few things. Climb the elevator with new nutrition to the second level and go around the elevator to find the capture points outside the building. Climb the capture points until you reach the top of the building and do not insert on the protruding metal beam. From here, players should see the box on the ground at a distance (in the photo below).

  • Step 6 : slide or jump down to the box. Faced with the box, players should turn around to see the fiery shine on the wall. Bring this FireGeleam, and then push the box through the hole to the lower level.

  • Step 7 : Return the elevator to the first floor and place the drawer on the elevator. This will be used later.
  • Step 8 : Return to the place where you found a box. Looking forward and left, you should see several capture points at a distance that lead to a raised metal platform (in the photo below). Jump up on this platform.

  • Step 9 : Follow this metal platform around the wall until you reach the place where one more fire stone is located. Light this fiery flare.
    Step 10 : After the fiery light explodes, wrap and locate the hole in the wall. In the opening there will be a switch on which an elo can use its plowner (in the photo below). When the switch is pulled by the Plower, several lights turn in front of the elo. They have a timer, so players must act quickly after activating the switch.

  • Step 11 : Use tractors, and then run and cling to rotating lights. After that, jump from the lanterns to another metal platform with the second box. Push the bottom level and move it to the elevator through the design.

  • Step 12 : Place both drawers in the elevator and lift it to the second floor. Remove one of the boxes and leave the other under the grill in the elevator, which was omitted at step 2.
  • Step 13 : Send the elevator back down, and then go to the second floor on foot. Push the box left on the second floor, on the top of the elevator, and then go back to the entrance to the elevator.
  • Step 14 : Lift the elevator for the last time and use the drawer under the hole to jump on the vertex of the elevator. Use another box that is already on the top of the elevator to rise even higher.
    Step 15 : Continue to rise now, and you should be on top of the tower. Here is the object of collecting Relic Ruin.

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 13 - GAIA (FULL GAME)

Where are the ruins of relics: long shore

These ruins of relics can be found northeast of the settlement of thorny winds. It is also west of Reintrais Rake. These Ruins – Relics are one of the latter with which the players will face the game after the usual development of the plot.

What is the reward for Relic Ruins: The Long Coast?

All Ruins Relics in Horizon Forbidden West will lead to the fact that players will receive decorations. What decorations will receive players depends on the completed ruins of relics. The Relic Ruins: The Long Coast will reward players Ornament: Long Coast .

These decorations are used later in the game when players reach the camps in Las Vegas, and also completing the Quest “Nights”. Players can redeem decorations, talking to NPC by name Stemur, which can turn the decorations in a beautiful light show. These collected items are cosmetic and will not have a great effect on the gameplay. Do you want to learn more ruin guidelines for Horizon Forbidden West? Learn how to go through the ruins of the Relics “dry year” in Horizon Forbidden West? In professional guidelines for the game!