Monster hunter rise

Partnership with T & K Factory, Hidden Monster

TENK Factory (TNK Factory, Representative Shin Hee-tae) announced on the 28th that the Game Comprehensive Solution Start-up Hidden Monster (Hidden Monster, Representative Kim Dae Young) has entered into partnership.

Hidden monsters have received a high understanding of the game business and the core talented by the sector, which holds the public, and the core talented by the sector, and the small and medium-sized businesses have been recognized for the growth potential of the company and the growth of the company.

In particular, based on publishing know-how experienced in domestic and overseas game markets, we are growing rapidly, providing comprehensive solutions throughout the game, such as brand planning, game localization and service operations.

Through this partnership, T & K Factory plans to increase its competitiveness in game publishing, adding the know-how of its own marketing, publishing capabilities and Hidden monsters.

It is also a close collaboration, and the completeness of the games that launched in the future will be increased.

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Meanwhile, T & K Factory recently achieves the “black crown: Caucasian anger”, achieving the first place in both marketing, and has excellent marketing capabilities and service capabilities.