Apex legends

“Apex Legends” Mad Magis skin “Maniac too” small neta is present. Topic between overseas users who focused on sunglasses

Apex Legends ” Season 12 Mad Magi, which is a new legend added in “Deferiance”. In this Mad Magi’s legendarsekin, there is a topic in the REDDIT user.

In “Apex Legends”, skins and weapon skins of each legend are prepared as cosmetic elements. Skin has a rarity of normal / rare / super rare / legendary / prestige (first appearance for Brad Hound at the third anniversary event). Legendarry and prestige skin also differ in modeling, and usually enjoy significant changes from skin. Legendarsekin is also available for Mad Magea, which is a new legend, and there are punk skin and steamed skin with a steam punk.

Overseas bulletin board REDDIT discovered a certain specification for the user of this Mad Magi’s legendalsekin. This specification can be confirmed by the legendalsekin wearing a sunglasses, such as “Mob Boss” or “Deights”. When wearing these skins, the view of the map of the match on the legend selection screen reflects in the sunglasses. For example, if the match is performed at the storm point, it can be confirmed from reflection that the water surface spreads. Although it is a specification that can be said to be a small neta, there were many users who showed a positive response to this maniac built-in. Many players have only this work to play for a long time, and the small neta may be impressed when you know that it is difficult to notice.

By the way, as a skin where the legend selection screen can also be enjoyed, the “Void Walker” of Lace and “Youngbled” of Brad Hound, “MIL specification” and the like of Bangalore are mentioned as examples. Although there is no change in map, these have a dedicated animation at the time of legend selection. Both are skins sold for a limited time in the past, but “Void Walker” and the like are resent several times. Besides that, because it may be newly sold as “Phase Walker” and will be sold newly, please be aware of new products in the store.

These cosmetics are not limited to “Apex Legends”, but those found in various games. However, the cosmetic item of “Apex Legends” receives an impression that actively incorporates narrative elements such as narrative and characteristic. The Brad Hound “Young Blood”, sold by the Story Reailler, can be said to be a remarkable example. By adding a narrative factor, it may be said that it seems to have added value of the axis different from the preference such as design.

Events Every Every Every Every Skin is sold “Apex Legends”. From now on, it will show you how to create a variety of cosmetics, brought about the player’s collector soul. By the way, Mad Magi’s skin that maps to sunglasses, “Mob Boss” and “Deights” are usually regular Legendarsekin, so it is always exchangeable with 1200 kraft metals.

In addition, “Apex Legends” is currently holding the 3rd anniversary collection event. Since the holding period is up to 2:59 on March 2, please be careful not to get an event item or reward tracker.