Elden Ring: Risky Mod eliminates Gamer

The new Fantasy-RPG Elden Ring ensures frustration with a bumpy graphic with some PC gamers. ModDers have now found a solution for the problem – but the trick brings some risks with them.

FromSoftwares New Adventure Elden Ring was able to solder top marks in critics and many players to the release top marks. Some PC players complain about bolting framerates in the Open World RPG. A mod should now eliminate the FPS problems, but the application carries risks.

Elden Ring: FPS problems on the PC

Although the reviews and player reactions to Elden Ring were previously overwhelmingly positive , especially of Steam users criticize due to frame rate problems. So far, this has departed into a slightly over 31,000 negative reviews on Steam – while still 97,000 reviews are positive.

Elden Ring On PC Is Terrible...
A new MOD on GitHub allows gamers now to set the frame rate variably even to more than 60 fps and thus ensure a better game experience. However, the use of the MOD is not without disadvantages: You can only be used in offline mode and thus closes Koop and Ingame messages. In addition, players may be banned by FROM software because of the mod, as the program works much like a cheat tool. (Source: Github)

If you download the MOD, you should absolutely remove them ** before starting the game in online mode.

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Dark Souls Successor: FromSoftware Lands Giant Hit

Although some Steam users rely around with a bumpy frame rate and wish more constant and higher FPS for the bang-hard open-world-RPG, has elded ring a brilliant start and now counts the hottest contenders on the title the game of the year.

This success is also reflected in the sales figures: the RPG sumps according to first estimates so far all other souls borne games and is thus the fastest selling fromSoftware game at all. (Source: Giga)

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