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Elden Ring Weapon Rank – The strongest weapons in the game

If you travel in Elden Ring through The Lands Between, you probably have found more weapons that you know what to do. But how can you separate the good from bad? Well, an Elden Ring-Weapon Randlist is like.

We played around with many of the tools offered in the game and created a list of early stages for some common weapons as well as some of the stronger weapons that you can only get by killing bosses, NPCs or NPC intruders that infiltrate your game. We also encountered some absolute dullers, weapons for which they should not even spend a single blacksmith.

So if you want a breakdown of some of these weapons, read more for our ranking of the Elden Ring Weapons . We will update this in the coming days and weeks when we see more of the card size of Elden Ring, which is extremely large.

Ranking of the Elden Ring Weapons

Our Ranking of the Elden Ring Weapons Do not cover every weapon in the game, but gives you a good idea of ​​some of the strongest and some of the weakest thing that should help you find out which weapons really shine.

Level weapons
S-Level Moon veil, brightness of the banished knight, tearing of the blood dog
A-Level Meteoritic oreblade, Carian Knight’s Sword, Grafted Blade Greatsword, Great Omenkiller Cleaver
B-Class Euchigatana, winged scythe, Vykes WarSpeer

ELDEN ring weapons of S-stage

moon veil

Moonveil is one of the strongest weapons and by far the best Katana in Elden Ring. It has the same leading construction and the same powerful bats like any normal Katana, but his skills really help to lift it to a new level.

Transient Moonlight is a charged version of Unsheath Ash of War, which emits a light beam in a shaft that can damage enemies with a slight attack horizontally or with a heavy attack vertically. The vertically charged heavy attack is able to break the armor of most enemies in Caelid and DragonBarrow with only one or two hits, so they can land a gut. It is also great to do the same for bosses when attacking while making your own attacks. It can be found in the Gael tunnel after the Magma-Wyrm was killed.

Hellenage of the banished knight

The Banished Knight’s Hellegebarde is another exceptionally strong weapon thanks to its ability to swing the hatchback and beat everyone to the ground or sweep away from themselves.

It is also an absolute monster with its normal attacks, which causes considerable damage, although they have to turn up his slow and adapt his attack speed. However, if you pick this up by Edgar yourself or the invaded version of him, you will receive the weapon already at +8, which makes you exceptionally powerful if you can kill him early.

Fang of the Bloodhound

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Bloodhound’s catch quickly became an indispensable weapon for players, especially as they can be grabbed very early. Found after Bloodhound Knight Dharrvill was killed in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave, the weapon is extremely strong and able to transform hard bosses into a walk in the park.

The strength of the Bloodhound’s catch is located in its Bloodhound’s finesse skills, which offer two powerful attacks, a blow-up, followed by a jump. Both are great and enable you to land a hit and quickly escape the combo of a enemy. In addition, a heavy attack can follow to put your opponent a second crushing hit.


Meteoritic oreblade

Katanas prove to be some of the strongest weapons in Elden Ring, and the Meteoric Ore Blade is a good alternative for the near area next to the Moonveilla.

The Meteoric Ore Blade found in the Caelid Waypoint ruins in a subterranean room is essential when you plan to play up close. His ability, gravitas, lets them encounter the sword in the ground and produce a gravitational shaft that sucks enemies and inflicts them in a radius around them. If you are planning to play close up close and not to withdraw a step for a break, the ability of the meteoritic oreblade is probably better suited for you than that of the moon bucket stunning enemies with its effect.

Sword of the Knights

The sword of the Knight’s Knight is another level A weapon in our ranking of the Elden ring weapons, thanks to its ability to be great under almost all circumstances.

As a straight sword, the Carian Knight’s Sword is a great all-round weapon. Thanks to its capability Carian Grandeur, it is also strong in crushing the armor of bosses and strong enemies. This will conjure up a great magical blade that can be charged up to twice to produce more and more force when your blade extends beyond your physical length and is enclosed in a sharp blue sword. It is located in Caria Manor behind the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

refined blades large sword

The Grafted Blade Greatsword found after winning Leonine Morgotten in Castle Morne is a strong great sword with which it comes to beating your enemy regardless of its size.

With strong damage and armor attacks, the Great Sword will beat every enemy to pure, even though they must be prepared for how slow the attacks. His skill, the oath of revenge, increases all your attributes and also increases your attitude, which means that you can perform an attack after another without being stunned or depressed so often.

large omenopter splitter

If you are looking for something that requires a little practice and also hits hard, then we can recommend the Great Omenkiller Cleaver. This club-like weapon lands heavy hits, but is also able to make them a machine that can not be stopped.

The Wild Strikes ability causes you to swing the club evenly back and forth while going forward, which means that you can not be hit as long as you stun your enemies. It is ideal for defeating MOBS low to medium level, as it can destroy a group of enemies or a shield swing knight within seconds, so you can assess your larger enemy and attack it with regular attacks. However, you have to venture into the grotto of the perfumer on the Atlus plateau and kill the omenopter at the end of the dungeon to get it.

b-animal elden ring weapons


We are officially in the Kana Club, where Uchigatana is the third Katana on this list. It is basically the same as the Moonveil and Meteorite Ore Blade up, but has no special skills.

Instead, you will simply get an exceptionally strong weapon that can easily be split and improved with Ashes of. It also causes blood loss damage that can help defeat especially hard enemies. You can find the euchigatana pretty early in the game in the death-touched catacombs.

Winged Sense

The Winged Scythe is a kind of special weapon in Elden Ring. It requires a little fingertip feeling to master it as it has wide rashes with long delays. But if you know how to use them, the weapon can be strong as soon as they found them in the Tombsward ruins on the Weeping Peninsula.

It requires a high degree value, which may prevent it from using it, but if you want a weapon that is a bit more conspicuous, then it’s a good choice. It causes blood loss damage and has a strong spring ability called Angel’s Wings, throwing back enemies and can split them with a strong stroke.

Vykes WarSpeer

Vykes War Spear is located on the eastern cliffs of Liurnia of the Lakes, if you make yourself on the way to Bellum Highway, just behind the village north of the Minor Erdtree.

You can get the weapon by killing Invader Festing Fingerprint Vyke who has the spear. Apart from his traditional great spearqualities, it allows you to jump from FRENZYFLAME Thrust to jump out of afar and create a raging explosion that make your enemies in madness and lead you to lose a large part of your health. It requires a strength and trust status in late teens, but it can be a solid choice for those looking for a stronger weapon with which they can familiarize themselves.

This covers our constantly changing and growing Elden Ring-WeaponsRang list. While we play around with other options in the game, we will definitely update this article with new information. Further help and tips to choose from the best strategies or equipment can be found in our exemplary approach for Elden Ring.