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Eat and sleep, go to bed, this Happy ……………………………………

Geralt and Yen talks about the bed Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
The main character geralt is relaxed for the PC version of the open world RPG “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt”, which can be handed by CD Projekt Red.

According to the manufacturer’s CRTHDR, you will be able to sit and enjoy your diet by introducing this MOD, to sleep, and smoke and smoke. In the video published by His, you can see how to relax in the one-person perspective action at locations such as bar, bonfire and hut.

The action at that time is selected from the shortcut menu in the procedure to use the mark, and in the bar, it is possible to enjoy these actions in each table. Makes the sound of the tableware and surrounding environmental sounds with a good taste, * ま Get a sense like whether you are sitting there really.

A “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt”, which has appeared to add a first-person perspective the other day, and has a longer popular to many people. Download MOD “Chill Out” can be done from Nexus MODS. In addition, the introduction of MOD should be done at oneself.