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I finally came … “Dead by Daylight” New chapter “Rising Rising” released! Reproduce the world view of the Japanese Horrors Gold Tower “Ring”

Behavior Interactive has announced the release of an asymmetric match horror survival game “ Dead by Daylight ( Dead by Daylight )” new chapter “ Rising “.

In this chapter that followed the worldview of the representative work of Japan’s Horror “Ring”, that Yuko is a new killer “ THE ONRYO ()) “, a boy survived from the horrible revenge of Yuko in the original “ Asakawa” Yango “ will be a new surveyer in the figure where the adult became an adult.

“The killer to participate in the fog forest will be fun to play, and it feels fun to play. Is. Experience the new “Dead by Daylight” with the new kiler and the new survivor Yoichi’s ability “-Behaviour Interactive Inc. Creative Director / Dave Richard (Dave Richard)

“Finally, the day when sending a son to the misty forest has come. Tragedy Horror Queen Yuko and Adult Survivor Yang One. Dead by Daylight Team draws a story of Yoichi, and has elapsed from the original I felt that the day was about to reach this day. Seven-day setting, Television icon TV, VHS Gimmick fit in the form of Dead by Daylight. This time’s initiatives are not wrong It became a new challenge for the series. The whole world will be trembled again in the figure of the newly announced Ultralaeau. As you can survive… Thank you for the Dead by Daylight team- KADOKAWA Producer, Corporation

“Sakai Rising” is distributed for 880 yen for Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) / Stadia, 720 yen for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch. A “The Sadako Rising Collection” that collects new skins also appears.