Elden Ring: How to unlock the Divine Tower of Liurnia

Elden Ring has a lot of content to offer over simple boss fights Divine Tower of Liurnia is a particularly advantageous place you should visit if you want to unlock alternate endings. The end that you can achieve with it includes the completion of Schnewexe Ranni’s questline, but we will not spoil the content. Entering this tower is a difficult undertaking that has to be done much later than they probably discovered this landmark. Continue reading for our guide How to unlock the Divine Tower of Liurnia in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring: How to unlock the Divine Tower of Liurnia

To get here, you must have Redmane Castle cleaned, StarScourge Radahn defeated in Caelid and defeated Royal Knight Loretta Caria Mansion . This gives you access to Rannis rise equal southwest of Caria Manor. Get on this tower and talk to Ranni, scoop out your dialogue options and agree to serve her. She will inform you that a crater has opened nearby Mistwood ruins in Limgrave, so move.

Step 1: Go to Nokron, hit the bosses

At Mistwood you will see debris that float conspicuously in the air and mark the crater, so get off carefully. At this point you can fall into Nokron, the eternal city , which is located above the area of ​​the river Siofra. Continue against the mimic tear boss nearby, and go through the area, ignite all flames in the area as well as the Siofra River to trigger an encounter with the shelf-ancestorist boss.

Then they get off on the ground floor of the city ancestor forests place of grace, the roofs can be completely falling down. Along this path are deadly silver tear enemies that can mimize human shape, be careful in close proximity. They will encounter a wall in a large building, plunder and leave through the main hall. Activate the place of grace down the stairs and go through the area, fighting against the Silver Town Troll, which forms in the end, and plunder the area.

Step 2: Sweep the Konish Student Hall

After you have done all this, travel back quickly and talk to Ranni in your tower. You will give you the Carian reversed statue . Go to the Carian Study Hall southeast of Artist’s Shack in Liurnia and activate the altar, now where you have the statue to trigger a fantastic intermediate sequence. The study where you are in turn turns the head as if it were directly from Symphony of the Night, so go through the elevator room inside, through a door to you.

The hall is turned over, and you now have to descend from the ceiling under the rafters to the elevator. However, be careful, because even if you’ve been fighting Perceptor Miriam in the normal study hall, you have to fight them again. It’s worth killing them both times because they get two spells, magical rainguck and clarity . Take the elevator down to reach the Liurnia Tower Bridge.

Step 3: Drive through to the rewards

Drive straight from this bridge. There is a Godskin noblemen that will cut you into shreds when you do not pay attention, but on Torrent you can pass directly to you. You reach the doors of the tower, and you can simply enter, go up and get that Stargazer heirloom and curse of death the latter for Rannis alternative end .


How to Access the Divine Tower of Liurnia (AND NOKRON) - Full Narrated Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]
* Close Redmane Castle, StarScourge Radahn and Royal Knight Loretta
* Say with Ranni in your tower
* Go to Nokron, eternal city, and clean the bosses
* Say again with Ranni and get Carian Inverted Statue
* Use the statue in Carian Study Hall, climb down and take the elevator to the Divine Tower of Liurnia
* Go into and reap your rewards

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