Provision of various drivers needed for “to get the best experience” with Windows STEAM DECK

Install And Run Steam Deck Ui On Any PC Or Laptop - Windows Or Linux
Valve announced the start of Various Drivers for users who are considering installing Windows on the portable gaming device “ Steam Deck **”.

This announcement provides a download link for various drivers of GPU, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth as a “additional driver needed to get the best experience” when working and running Windows to Steam Deck. In this way, “ Currently, Windows full installations can only be performed , the Steamos installer displaying the dual boot wizard is currently prepared,” Only Windows 10 can be installed ” Care is done.

Audio drivers are currently in partnership with other companies such as AMD, but they are in progress in development, but if they are “ Bluetooth or USB-C Audio “, it is possible to use it on Windows on Steam Deck… apparently… We also provide instructions on recovery procedures when you need to be careful when installing Windows, issues, and return to the default Steam Deck OS.

Currently, there are many countries that are considered to be purchased within the year, including Japan, including Japan where no reservation acceptance is not started, and the operation of Steam Deck can be played on the PC “Portal” spin-off work “Aperture desk job” The topic about Steam Deck is not exhausted. However, it is not only to be a topic, but also the day you can actually touch and play, anyway, I just want to visit.