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Crypto Gaming Guilds: The NEXT BEST GameFi Play?!

Neobu (Joint Representative Literature, Kim Seung-chul) is developed by P & E (Play and Earn, Play Anion) game ‘Crypto Golf Impact’ started to make advance reservations through the Google Play Store.

Crypto Golf Impact is a game that applies a block chain technology to sports mobile game ‘Golf Impact’. It is characterized by that it is possible to enjoy a real-time PVP (users between users) through a simple operation with a variety of world attractions. Neo Prea is on-board, “Neopin”, which is developed based on Clayton Maine, and will be launched in April.

Dictionary reservations are conducted in 156 Global, excluding Korea and China. For all users who participated in advance reservations, we pay ‘Crystal’ for about $ 10 for $ 10 for $ 10.

Crystal can be converted to the game utility token ‘S2 token’ as a compensation of the game that can be obtained in the game. The S2 token can be replaced by the ‘Neopin token (NPT). Neo Pin Tokken has been listed on the Global Virtual Asset Exchange ‘Mexc Global’ Mexc Global Recently listed on the Domestic Certified Veterinary Asset Exchange ‘Bibum’.

Meanwhile, Crypto Golf Impact is ongoing a large-scale airdrop event ahead of the formal launch. If you have completed multiple missions up to 23rd, you will be free to pay for a total of $ 20 per capita for about $ 20 per person for a total of $ 20 per person.

More information on the pre-reservation and promotion of Crypto Golf Impact can be found in the official community .