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Perfect World Korea, Dictionary reservations of 4 million people Jade Dynasty

Perfect World Korea announced its new MMORPG ‘Jade Dynasty’ utilizing the IP, and announced on the 17th that Google Play, Apple App Store, One Store, and PC.

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy - Official Trailer | Perfect World Games

In particular, this time, the high-definition PC version is also released to the official website and Naver Lounge to enjoy the game regardless of mobile and PC platform.

‘Jade Dynasty’ has exceeded 4 million global pre-reserved reservations until the formal launch, and it is achieved anticipation of anticipation, and it is planning to wait for a rich event after formal launch, due to the implementation of users.

First, when you play along the story, you will be paid to the beginning of the legendary rating of Sunwoo and the wall of the legendary rating when you play a schedule condition.

In addition, at the time of attendance at 7 days, it provides the ‘Sun Woo’ and ‘Gujing’ of the myth of the game, and the ‘Sunwoo’ of the myth of the myth is expected to be a character that can not be easily met even in drawing.

Meanwhile, ‘Jade Dynasty’ is a Mobile Turn Jay RPG with global IP ‘arrangement’ and RPG ‘s skills of Perfect World, and is a masterpiece of IOS free game in China, and 4th place in IOS free game at China.

Especially, we provide fun of strategic factors such as real-time progress and strategic factors, as well as a quiet battle, as well as a fast communication with the world, and provide fun of collaboration and competition.