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Kingdom Hearts 4 mit Gameplay

During a birthday, Square Enix today revealed a new head trainer of the Kingdom Hearts series. Kingdom Hearts 4 is supposed to be the game that is already visible in a first, visually impressive trailer and gameplay scenes. The history describes the Japanese developer and publisher as “Lost Master Arc”.

There is already a release? At the end of the trailer, it is only called “Magic in the making”. When we can count on the game remains open. Also, it is not known for which consoles the action role play appears. However, an implementation for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is as good as certainly whether the load gene is supplied, which can at least be very doubted with a view to the optics.

You can watch the first trailer here (from 4:10):

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That’s to see: At the beginning we see Sora, who wakes up in an apartment and approached by a girl named Strelitzia. As a few moments later turns out, our hero in the world is squareum, which we already know from Kingdom Hearts 3. Subsequently, a huge aschemster and Sora’s first struggle begins. Here are also first gameplay scenes to see that look really fantastic.

THIS IS STILL KINGDOM HEARTS?! Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Reaction

At the end of the trailer we see Donald and Goofy, who are looking to look for Sora, then fall into the arms. Who has raised the two is not shown.

Development probably with Unreal Engine 5: How to confirm Japanese sources, the material was developed from the first trailer with the Unreal Engine 4. The further development should probably happen with the UE5 due to the slight change.

Further announcements for Kingdom Hearts

However, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 was just the conclusion of the event, previously there were other interesting info for fans of the franchise:

  • Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road will be released in August 2022 for iOS and Android
  • Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, a new mobile game, gets a closed beta phase for iOS and Android, which should start 2022 in certain regions.

As far as the information from today’s birthday party, which had a lot to offer with the announcement of a new main focus and two mobile games. If concrete information about Kingdom Hearts 4 will reach us, we will inform you about it.

Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 4 and how did you like the first trailer?