Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing: Even Melinda plays Elden Ring and lives through a feeling

Isabelle Plays Elden Ring (Animal Crossing Animation)
Elden ring is a phenomenon. The Souls title not only laid out a tremendous launch, but has now become clear to the most successful new IP in Europe since 2016. This is not only due to the many damped fans of the From Software Games, but also on a whole range of souls newcomers, which are attracted by the increased accessibility and playful quality.

Also Melinda (or in English Isabelle) from Animal Crossing: New Horizons seem to belong. Youtuber Wooden Turtle has processed this idea at least in a video, which is not only impressive thanks to elaborate Animal Crossing animations, but Melinda also shows from an unfamiliar side.

Melinda fails in Elden Ring and your TV must suffer

Frequent dying and the associated frustration belong in elden ring. The relaxed and over-friendly everyday life in Animal Crossing Games already forms a hard contrast. No wonder so that our Animal Crossing Sunshine Melinda does not come so well and quite fast after the start of the game throws the whistles into the grain – or better said the controller in the TV:

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What to see? The video is divided into two parts: First we get the “Elden Ring: New Horizons Gameplay” on the Nintendo Switch, then Melinda’s reaction to it.

Who knows Elden Ring, knows that Melinda plays in the video just a few minutes and in the chapel of the expectation on the first boss meets: the transplant sprout, where you can take revenge in the true elden ring. This is embodied in the Animal Crossing version of Elden Ring by a giant crab with weapons and makes it out of her, how could it be different, back toch to small wood – “you died” flickers over the screen.

Who thinks now that Melinda comes well with its actually cheerful and patient way, lies wrong. It does not just be surprised by yourself with a controller litter in the TV, but briefly sinks in despair, then simply simply play other games. Well, who does not know it?!

By the way: Also I (Annika) belong to the persons who touched with Elden Ring for the first time a Souls title. Little surprisingly, this is associated with emotional and playful heights and depths. So I can understand Melinda’s reaction well. What I experience exactly, you can learn in my noob diary (currently three parts):

__60 __1

Noob Diary Part 3

Elden Ring: Hard, Hardener, Annika – And then Godrick came


Pokémon, Zelda and even more Elden Ring-Crossover

The fact that successful games like Elden Ring and Animal Crossing of Players are linked to each other in some way is not uncommon. The same happened to other great gaminghen like Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. These are, for example, Pokémon variants of well-known NPCs as well as opponents or a Ganondorf character.