Fortnite: How to fall 10 floors or more without damage

In the world of fourteen days , you have many ways to move on the map. Cars, tanks and even siege cannons can help you navigate through the landscape in a few minutes, rather than trying to move on foot. However, some new means of transport can help you improve your game instead of keeping them on the ground. And you can prove useful when it comes to mastering some of the new weekly challenges. Let’s take a look at the Jetpack for example.

The Jetpack was excavated at the beginning of this month, and it can help you to quickly and without many problems out of the way as long as you have enough fuel. But what does the jetpack do with this mission? Follow our guide and we let you know how this tool can help you to master this challenge quickly and easily without having to splash on the ground!

Fortnite – How to fall 10 floors without damage

The first thing you want to do to complete this mission is aboard one of the IO airships and get a jetpack. You will find you right behind the doors. So after you have secured one of these tools and possibly some weapons and consumables, you should set off Coney intersection or anywhere where there is a river, lake or pond.

NO FALL DAMAGE & Fall 10 Stories or more without taking damage (Fortnite)
The reason why we need the water is that you can use the jetpack you have just received rocket in the sky and then fall into the water . You can survive the fall and do not suffer any damage. So if you have the jetpack, just go to the sky and let yourself fall into a waters, and you still have some EP you can add Battle Pass! It’s that easy!

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After completing this task, you can take some of the other challenges that have to offer this week, or do your best to get some news in the hands Omni chips so you can update your Omni Screw To look exactly as you like it too! If you are bored by running and shooting, you can also try some of the other modes offered, eg. B. the death run, too!

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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