After Live Service: Square Enix wants to follow the next horrible trend

With a New Year’s letter, the Japanese Games Group spoke out for the controversy NFTS as well as blockchain games. Now Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, makes it clear again what direction he and his company would like to hit with future games. Square Enix wants to put on blockchain games and that can only go wrong. A comment.

Blockchain games? What is that?

Before I can start commenting Matsuda’s statements – and I have prepared so much – maybe I must first start the Basics: What are these blockchain games? Blockchain games, crypto games or NFT games – such games are based on blockchain technology. We skip the boring IT course and come to the crucial point: In blockchain games you can usually earn limited objects (NFTs) and act over the blockchain with other players. Your deserves in these games So crypto currency; Therefore, the principle is called “play-to-earn”.

But do these games have fun at all? This is of course purely subjective, but I would like to give you a brief insight into one of the most popular NFT games: Axie Infinity. This is happy to be called Mix from Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh and lets you compete in round-based struggles with fish-like creatures (Axies) against other players. Every Axie is a NFT and you must first purchase at least three to play at all – and we talk about three-digit sums ** for an entry. From “Play-to-Earn” will quickly “play-to-your-debt-to-settle”. (Source: Axie Infinity)

Then the problem arises that the in-game economy always depends on the course of the respective crypto currency – and this course seems to fall on the popular Axie Infinity. (Source: Blockchain Center) The lower the value of the currency, the harder it will make it for you to make money with the game at all. Oh yes, and the company behind Axie Infinity was chopped and hacked last month **. (Source: Coindesk) But that does not happen too often, after all, the whole blockchain technology is a secure thing, right? Or?

So if someone wants to make any blockchain games tasty, then you probably landed in a magazine about crypto currencies.

Square Enix would like to enrich the modding community

What was the same? Oh yes, Square Enix and the blockchain desire. Most recently, the Japanese Game Company rate on live service. This plan went back to the back, as the low player numbers prove from Marvel’s Avengers… or the ten players who last played Babylon’s case.

Now boss Yosuke Matsuda wants to create the next bankruptcy by trying a bit of blockchain. And how serious Matsuda says that, he proved in his loving New Year’s letter, in which he would address players who were “to play for fun” . And no, that should not look like a direct quote; Matsuda has actually set that in quotation marks.

New Square Enix Live Service Babylon's Fall Is Dead On Arrival, Flops Worse Than Marvel's Avengers
Now he reiterates his desire to make blockchain games a part of the company – and finds very wild explanations .

“So far, we have delivered the content as a finished product for most playing and players played this content.”

_Hust! _ Marvel’s Avenger’s. _Hust! _

“However, there is a certain number of players in the world who want to contribute to make games more interesting by creating new settings and playing ways. In the future we want to use the power of these people to develop games that evolve. “

Somehow that sounds like Square Enix wants to enrich himself at the modding community.

“If we can not only rely on the goodwill, but also create incentives for those who contribute to development through the use of technologies such as the blockchain , there is a possibility that the ideas of users innovative and can create interesting content. “

Jap, Square Enix really wants to enrich itself on the modding community. (Source: VGC)

Blockchain and Square Enix? Very bad idea!

What Matsuda describes there sounds naive looks really great. Sure, Square Enix deserves to foreign content, but Modder still get the greater piece of cake (hopefully). So what is not true?

As mentioned above, here does not use real money, but crypto currency. This has its own course, the faster and crash fluctuates . Anyone who finds 50 euros for any FIFA points too expensive, which could get a heart attack in future Games of Square Enix. Then it may be that an object costs 0.4 coins, it is converted but then 400 euros .

And because crypto feeds are so unstable, more players will also apply poor products to no loss to suffer.
Maybe then Non-Gamer in Square-Enix games , who just want to make money.
All this would damage the modding community instead of helping her.
You should not forget: NFTs limit digital items. Mods are there but there to share them with everyone.
If Square Enix and, if, especially Yosuke Matsuda want to do the players, then my suggestion would be: just Good singleplayer games !
The modding community will also be grateful to you.