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Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan begins to build John Marstons house in real life

A Red Dead Constance 2_ Fan was so moved by the history of John Marston, that they were responsible for building their own version of Beecher’s Hope, the ranch owned by Marston. At the end of _ Red Dead Consención 2_ (Spoiler Alert), the player takes control of _ dead red -protagonist John Marston. Marston meets his wife and son, trying to start a proper life. After a drama, his wife and son leave him, which makes the cowboy be responsible for demonstrating his worth to his family. Buy land and with the help of some friends, build a house and a farm for his family, hoping that they return and stay with him. It is a beautiful story that arrives after hours of murders, stabbing in the back and other forms of chaos.

Reddit Callmeboonie user was so inspired by this moment in _ Red Dead Convention 2_, who sought to follow Juan’s footsteps. The player bought land in California for “around $ 100K” and declared that he plans to build his own version of Beecher ’s Hope. Callmeboonie said they already work in agriculture and that their parents own a farm, but they miss life in the countryside since they moved to the city. The Reddit user plans to keep fans updated on the project as they develop their farm, but it is likely to need more than a rapid assembly of house construction to build this.

After playing this game, I fell in love with the field and living in a ranch, so I left and bought a land to make my own Beecher’s Hope, I can’t wait! from

John Marston's Death in Red Dead Redemption 2

At this time, Rockstar Games is working on the next Grand Theft Auto. The developer has not made any firm ad or mocked anything about the future of the Red Dead Redemption series, but since the last game sold more than 30 million copies and is one of the games with better reviews of all time, a third game seems likely to occur at some point. There are already rumors that _ Red Dead Convention 3_ is in process and could be launched in 2025 or 2026. It is not clear if Rockstar would continue the history of the Marston family through Jack or start again with a different cast of characters.

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