Rogue -Lake Strategy Game, Trigon: Space Story Todays PC release

[Source: Game Forge]

Game Pozy, which published MMO game , , , and , and indie developer SERNUR.TECH today (29th) Rogue Science Fiction Strategy Game (hereinafter referred to as Trigon) was released on Steam.

Inspired by FTL: Fasty Dan Light, the game has been added to more than 100,000 steamweek lists so far, attracting the attention of global strategy game fans around the world. Trigon is the first single player game of Game Forge and has opened the preface to the expansion of Game Forge portfolio since this year.

In Trigon, the player becomes a captain of a full -customized spaceship, managing everything from weapons systems and engines to everyday missions of crew. The universe in the game can explore 9 sectors and each sector has more than 10 individual systems.

Players such as dangerous space, pirates, and complex galaxy politics, such as a lot of strategies, must build a strategy, equipped with more than 70 weapons for each ship, and play from a very unique four races with unique habits and advantages can do. Roggike’s world will provide a new adventure every time you play, and the player will truly learn the meaning of ‘improvisation, adaptation, overcoming’.

Main features:

Trigon: Space Story - Игра вышла в релиз

▲ Captain -oriented Operation: This is the player to lead the crew and give motifs to the player -centered game, make a life and death, and create the best summer ship.

▲ New adventure encountered every time: Since the universe generated every time, the player must make a new strategy to learn, adapt, and make victory.

▲ Silver Summer Best ship: Over 70 weapons, including lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, bombs, and drones, you can prepare for the star cruiser.

▲ Various cultures: After traveling, we will first come into contact with a plurality of races with its own properties, such as the radicals and persistent Earth.

▲ Decision: I found a damaged ship with a crew who needed a structure. You should choose whether to get them or plunder them in a noble path.

Tricle has launched Windows, Mac, and Linux versions in Steam and Epic Games Store and supports Korean. Standard editions are available for 20,000 won and deluxe editions for 27,000 won.

The latest information of Trigon can be found on official red pages, Twitter, YouTube, Steam Page and Discords.