World of Warcraft

Work heroes who became a miniature, Arclight Rumble, a new mobile work

A new mobile game using Warcraft IP has emerged. The main character is ‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble‘ (hereinafter referred to as Arclight Rumble), a collectable RTS that resembles Clash Royale.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble New Mobile Game Reveal Showcase

Blizzard Entertainment held a new presentation on the official website and YouTube on the 4th. The game, which was released at the event for about 10 minutes, is a strategic game that combines various units in the Warcraft worldview, which is reconstructed as an Acright Rumblo miniature. Heroes such as Jaya Froud Moorish and Grommash Health Cream are newly designed with cute and cute graphics, with a total of 60 characters.

The main contents of the Arclight Rumble include a single -play campaign to perform more than 70 missions and multiplayer to enjoy PVP or PVE. In addition to the campaign, it is possible to attack the dungeon, which must face the differentiated challenging challenges in a row, and can also perform a high difficulty cooperative mission with various players. The player must set up the main character as a commander and construct a deck with miniatures collected, and use the unit and order to go through the mission.

The Arclight Rumble will be released later this year, and at the same time, it started pre -booking. More information about the Arclight Rumble can be found on the official website.