Ü18 content in Switch Sports: Players deal with family filters for inappropriate jokes

Nintendo does not understand fun when it comes to youth protection. Therefore, the online features are equipped with strict filters for swear words and the like. But some players have now found a way to bypass the family filters in Nintendo Switch Sports and use it to make problematic jokes.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Player by dealing with filters

The brand new sports game Nintendo Switch Sports currently maintains fitness fanatics and competent players with their various sports. Switch owners can even face challengers from all over the world in disciplines such as bowling and tennis.

The problem with this: Despite Nintendo’s filters, the players are currently always finding new ways of giving their characters not youth -free names . (Source: polygon)

Instead of using forbidden words, some use their title, for example, which they can put together in the game from individual words. Here, for example, it is simply expanded by the name :

I Was WRONG About Nintendo Switch Sports...
However, the players who are inspired by Michael Jackson are even more about the strands who can be inspired for the design of their Mii character. It is not uncommon for them to use the title “Fan of Child” and thus allude to the child abuse allegations towards the deceased pop star.

In general, there seem to be a lot of jokes for sexual behavior towards children . Especially in a Nintendo game, which is played by not exactly a few children, these jokes seem more than just inappropriate:

_ “We definitely need to report a way or Nintendo has to improve its filters.” _

It is currently still unclear whether Nintendo can come up with a way to fix the problem. However, since the game company otherwise makes a strong attention to its ** family -friendly reputation, it can be assumed that the filters could change in the future.

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