The best weapon in Vampire the Masquarade – Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodhunt offers players to choose various weapons and weapons classes. Although most of the weapons in the game are good, some of them stand out and dominate in general. Here is a guide for the best weapons for use in Bloodhunt.

In addition, do not forget to choose a weapon with a higher rarity, that is, purple and gold, since they are much more effective than the basic weapon of blue and green levels.

1. Revolver

A revolver available in several rarities is an ideal weapon for any range. Its high value of damage, especially when it fell into the head, makes it a profitable choice compared to most other weapons in the game. However, he has only six bullets and the slow reloading speed in versions with a smaller rarity.

2. Pompom shotgun

While a double -barreled shotgun can quickly shoot with two cartridges, a pumpkin shotgun has a larger store due to rate of fire. This weapon is excellent at close range and can kill enemies with full health from two shots. In addition, the size of the store and the reloading speed improve with the level of rarity of the weapon.

3. Tommy Gan

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The Thompson submachine gun with a large store and high rate of fire is ideal for players who prefer fully automatic weapons. It works extremely well at close range. Its competitor, a submachine gun with a silencer or MP7, is also an excellent weapon, but has a smaller store, which makes it a little less attractive for new players.

4. Switching machine gun

Toggler LMG is another weapon that can destroy players at any distance. It comes with the rate of fire, with which you can switch between fast and slow shooting modes, depending on your combat range and scenario. Nevertheless, the slow shooting mode is the best because it is accurate.

5. Katana / blades lashes

Nearby weapons are very powerful in Bloodhunt Battle Royale. Both Katana and Scourge Blades are a purple rare weapon of close combat with impressive characteristics and abilities. While the katana can reflect enemy bullets for a short time, the blades of the lashes give you a lunge for additional mobility.

Moreover, you can drink an orange or choleric blood group to increase the damage of your character in close combat to 50 percent, making this weapon even more attractive.

6. Sniper rifle

The last weapon on our list is a sniper rifle with a longitudinal shielding shutter, created specifically for battles at medium and long distances. Despite this, if you aim well, you can use this weapon even at close range. It inflicts 160 units of damage to the head and 80 units of damage to the body, which gives you an advantage in shootouts.

Stay with us in the game manuals to learn more about Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodhunt. In the meantime, get acquainted with our article on how the ranking mode in Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodhunt?