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Easy to upgrade and work League Starter PoE 3.18 Builds

Many seasoned Path of Exile players recommends using the League Starter Build at the start of each new season. The beauty of these builds is that they are easy to upgrade and work without the need for costly items. If the build requires special unique items, they can be obtained relatively cheaply by trading with other players. With our featured builds, you can get to the final stages more quickly to farm powerful items and currencies on the map there—these, in turn, fund your twink character’s equipment, which can be better minimized.

Road to Construction will help you further.
Path of Building is a program that allows you to plan a PoE build down to the smallest detail. The most important feature in our case is that you can import builds from linked guides, which are usually shared via a pastebin link.
To do this, download the build path in Community Edition, click “Import/Export Build” in the upper left corner and “Import from Pastebin” at the bottom of the next screen – then copy the link, confirm, and you’re done!
You should now see the distribution of skill points in the skill tree. Many builders divide skill trees into tiers, so you know to put your points first when leveling up.

Skeleton Mage Necromancer

Whether it’s The Lost Ark or Diablo 2: Resurrection, we know from polls that many GameStar readers prefer to play the Summoner class in action RPGs. There are a number of different builds in PoE, each dedicated to summoning specific minions, such as zombies or ghosts.
For the new 3.18 patch, we recommend the Skeleton Mage Necromancer, and you can have an army of different Skeleton Mage fights for you. The build comes from streamers Zizaran and GhazzyTV, who are considered one of the best Summoner players in the PoE community.
The playstyle of this build is relatively easy to explain: you have to make sure to keep summoning new skeletons, as they will die after a while. While they clear the map for you with their spells and soak up hits, you can focus on dodging and surviving.
=> Pastebin for build path:

Cold Dot Occultist

Do you prefer a more aggressive play style and prefer to cast your spells rather than watch your skeleton do it? Then Cold Dot Occultist from streamer ShakCentral might be for you. With his build series Class Builds For Everyone, he has built a reputation in the PoE community for creating incredibly beginner-friendly guides.
As the name suggests, Cold Dot Occultist relies on cold damage dealt over time. The Winter Burn spell triggers this: these little markers attach to your enemies, dealing damage to them over time. Once an enemy dies on this marker, another area damage effect is triggered, and the Winter Brand automatically attaches to the nearest enemy.
This version is suitable for beginners because it is easy to play and very safe: cold damage will slow down enemies or freeze them completely. Additionally, ShakCentral relies on a lot of armor and energy shield combined with the talent Chaos Inoculation – which reduces your health to 1 but makes you immune to all Chaos damage.
=> Pastebin for build path:

Bolter Ballista Elementalist

EA Ballista Elementalist is another kind of summoner, but it’s too powerful, let alone it.
The primary skill in this version is Explosive Arrows: the arrows fired by this skill will initially only get stuck on your enemies. Up to 20 arrows can get stuck on your enemies at once – once this number is reached, they will explode. The more arrows, the bigger the explosion and the more significant the damage. If you don’t manage to stack the maximum number of arrows on your enemy, that’s not a problem either – all arrows will go up a second after the final blow.
If you now combine this skill with the Ballista Support Gem, you no longer have to cast it yourself: instead, you can now summon up to six turrets to shoot enemies with arrows. This makes it easy to keep the maximum number of arrows stacked on enemies. According to build creator Palsteron, Archnemesis League and the new Siege of the Atlas expansion pack should be kid’s play.
=> Pastebin for build path: