Path of Exile

Free Games for you to have fun without Leaving Home

The coronavirus is one of the most delicate issues right now, and it has affected the lives of many Brazilians, even indirectly. For example, many companies and schools have canceled normal activities and adopted measures such as working from home or taking classes remotely to avoid pollution risks.

Those in a more delicate situation and therefore unable to do activities at home must look for something to help pass the time or keep in touch with their closest friends and family. Thus, Olhar Digital has prepared a list of free online games to play with your friends and family without leaving your home.

Brawl Stars – Android / iPhone

If you’re looking for a more action-packed MOBA-like game but with a much lower learning curve, Brawl Stars is a great option. Here, players are placed in a 3v3 match and must use their skills to get ten crystals.

Rummikub – Android/iPhone

Another classic game that has marked several generations is Rummikub. The player needs to form a sequence of numbers with the available pieces, including the use of clowns, very similar to a card game. Of course, the online version has the same rules and has the advantage that you don’t have to shuffle or save shards.

Bomber Friends – Android / iPhone

Anyone exposed to video games in the 80s and 90s must have played the classic Bomberman at least once. So, in case you missed the game, Bomber Friends brings a campaign with over 300 levels and online matches for up to 8 players.

Scrabble – Android / iPhone

Scrabble Go is another exciting option on the list, but this time for those looking to break their heads, which is like a modern take on the classic crossword. To call your friends or family, use your Facebook account.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Android/iPhone

Another exciting pick on our list is the latest game in the Call of Duty franchise for phones for those who love action. With quick matches and different maps, you can access a real arsenal that can be improved after winning a few games.

Magic Gathering Arena

One of the most popular TCG (Trading Card Games) games took a while to get a more affordable PC version. Of course, you can choose your cards to build the most robust deck in it.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Steam has increasingly broken records for the number of concurrent players. The great holders of most of them are Counter-Strike and are free to play.

Dragon Bound

If you played games on PC in the ’90s and frequented Lan house, you probably remember the classic Gunbound. So a good option to remember its good old days is Dragonbound, which has similar mechanics and works from your browser without installation.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is another exciting option for those looking for a less casual game that requires a lot of time. In it, you’ll travel across different planets in a constant quest to improve your gear while defeating a horde of genuine monsters.

Path of Exile

Another option for those who like a lot of action is Path of Exile, a free-to-play game very reminiscent of the classic Diablo. Here, the game’s most significant difference is its skill tree, which lets you shape your character.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The last game on our list is also part of the Call of Duty franchise, a first-person battle royale-style game. Here, you’re placed on a map with up to 150 players, and your only goal is to become the ultimate survivor.

Other free options
In addition to the options listed above by Olhar Digital, be sure to check out Steam’s free games section and Epic Games’ free games section, which change several times a month.

Get ready! Now that you know some fun games to make time go by faster while keeping in touch with your friends and family in a safe way

How to get game tips on PlayStation 5
Some gameplay hints are available on the PlayStation 5, i.e., in the console’s UI. The feature is displayed on pause cards in compatible games, providing tips for solving puzzles, passing levels, and game strategy. Here’s how to find help and use it.

How to Get Game Tips on PS5
After running some games, click the PlayStation logo button;
An activity card will appear. Select the card for the specific stage you need help with;
You’ll notice a small light bulb icon in the card’s upper right corner. This indicates that this part of the game has hints;

Press the X on the selected card on the controller to receive a prompt;
All available prompts are listed in the “Target” section that will appear in the next window. Press X on it;
Players will be presented with a video showing exactly how to solve the relevant challenge;
Now follow the prompts to complete the level.

Games that support hints
Currently, there aren’t many games that offer a help function. However, the following titles already have game help:
Spiderman Miles Morales
Demon Soul
Sackboy: Big Adventure
Astro’s Game Room
That’s it! Have fun and use PlayStation 5 gaming tricks to your advantage if needed.