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Hell Let Loose-update to Soviets to the PS5 and Xbox Series X

For fans of Hell Let Loose, Black Matter and Team17’s strategy shooter on World War II, the experience on the PC is slightly better than on the console. There are more cards, more factions and more weapons with which you can play around what makes the offensive on these hard -fought battlefields a little better. But next week the developer plans to get one step closer to the first major console update of the game of full PC parity.

Hell Let Loose Console update 1 brings a whole series of new content for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S player for the first time. From the long-awaited Soviet update (the PC player received in July 2021), more cards, weapons, roles, skills and vehicles-this patch will add so many functions that have been PC exclusive for months.

This means that players have the chance to scale an offensive in Stalingrad, Kursk, Hill 400 and more with weapons such as the PPSH-41, the DP-27, the M97 Trench Gun when the free update appears on Tuesday on both platforms, May 17th at 6 a.m. PT / 7 a.m. ET / 2 p.m.

While adding the Soviets to Hell Let Loose in the middle of a war in Ukraine could now raise some eyebrows, says Max Rea, CEO of Black Matter, that the team had “many internal conversations” about the publication before deciding to to continue.

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Update 1 prepares the use!

???? 17th of May
???? Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5
???? Lots of new content

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The Eastern Front Is Here For PS5/XS - Hell Let Loose News
In the explanation that can be read here, Rea realizes that the team spoke to many Ukrainian and Russian nationals, all of whom spoke about their pride in their joint efforts as a Soviet Union in victory over Nazi Germany. The Soviet content has also been available for PC players since 2021 and since Hell Let Loose is a historical war game and the conflict is “in no way analogous” to the conflict that is currently taking place in Ukraine, the decision was made with the update to continue.

And so far it has been well received by the community. Rea has long spoken about his ambitions to coordinate the three versions of the game-and now that they are getting closer, all eyes are aimed at the next big thing: the Commonwealth update.