Disney Speedstorm reveals the newest track

During the last weeks,Disney_ speed form has revealed a handful of new characters, as well as some of the places where players can run. The game developers have now opened the curtain of a new course, this based on the animated Disney adaptation of la Bella and the Beast. The track presents a series of calling returns to the 1991 film, including obstacles inspired by the beast cuisine, the enchanted rose and more. The new video also shows both Bella and the Beast, who will appear in the game as playable runners.

The trailer with the new track can be found below.

Disney Speedstorm - ALL Characters & Tracks Confirmed So Far

For those who are not familiar withDisney_ speed, the game is an upcoming free racing game that presents several characters from Disney and Pixar movies. In addition to Bella and the Beast, the game has already revealed several other playable characters, including Donald, Baloo, Mickey Mouse, Jack Sparrow and Mulan. As the previous progress demonstrates, the courses will also be inspired by several Disney films, which include piratas del Caribe, The book of the jungle and hercules.

While developers have slowly withdrawn the curtain of the elements of the game, there are still enough things that we do not know.Disney_ Speed Trust, even when the free aspect of the game will work in practice. The new top course has some impressive colors on exhibition, and it seems something that Disney fans will go in mass, once they are available. Of course, as with any free game, everything will be reduced to execution and how developers make it fair for those with less money to spend. With luck, fans will not have to wait for much more to get more information about the game!

_ Disney_ Speed Torma will be launched at the end of this year in Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Readers can consult all previous game coverage here.

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