Konami is preparing three titles related to Silent Hill, according to VGC sources

VGC, which has already leaked information on several occasions about the future of Silent Hill , has again published news on this subject. In this case, they follow the images that appeared on Twitter of a hypothetical Silent Hill and the information of Natethehate and Jeff Grubb, which are now corroborated and expanded by the British medium. As indicated, there are several Silent Hill projects to the position of studies around the world: a remake (it seems that Silent Hill 2), an episodic title focused on history and a completely new sequel.

Starting with the latter, which is the one that can raise among the fans of the franchise or the horror games, those of VGC do not have information about what the responsible study would be. The rumors that highlighted last year involved a Japanese team to the charge of development. They point out that the images mentioned above correspond to a kind of teaser “PT style” with the name of “Sakura”, which would be launched as a free digital title to generate expectation before bigger future projects.

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After the collaboration agreement between Konami and Bloober Team , Responsible Study of Layers of Fear, already began to fly over rumorology on this return of Silent Hill, and from VGC they also point to the remake of the second installment Throwed in 2001. In theory, it would be an exclusive temporal that would first be in PlayStation consoles and then to the rest of the platforms, as already happened with Xbox in the case of The Medium. Since the beginning of last year, Bloober herself already anticipated that they were working with a “very famous editor” (shortly after konami was learned) with an already existing “horror IP”. When we announced the agreement, in fact, we also highlight some statements by Akira Yamaoka, composer of Silent Hill, who said that he was working on a game that was “the one we expected to listen.”

With respect to the game in episodic format, they talk about the fact that it would be published in this format so that each one involves an independent “short story. Although the first conversations would have begun with Supermassive (which would later shape Dark Pictures), VGC sources indicate that it is Annapurna Interactive that could be involved in this particular project. They clarify, however, that it is possible that Annapurna “was simply one of those conversations” that did not reach anything (since there would have been many studies contacted) instead of a project that finally received green light.

In any case, VGC itself has contacted the studies and editors mentioned to receive answers on the subject.