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Which are the Best Hack and Slash MMORPG Current Alternatives Diablo?

Diablo is the world’s first Hack and Slash MMORPG. If you think of Hack and Slash, the first thing that comes to mind is the Diablo series, especially Diablo 3. But aside from this longtime popular game, other genre representations are worth a look, and then waiting for a potential Diablo 4 could be well bridged.

Today, we’re showing you a bunch of interesting alternatives in the action RPG realm and offer other features that are in direct comparison to Diablo. If you’re looking for a Diablo 3-like game, we’ve got something for you: the best Diablo 3 alternatives that will make it easier for you to wait for Diablo 4.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile does not have to hide behind Diablo 3. What Grinding Gear Games has created here rightly shakes the throne on which Blizzard’s action role-playing game sits. Above all, those who find Diablo 3 too simple and not complex enough will be happy here. The character system alone, through which each class can be further developed in almost infinite ways, is unparalleled in the genre.
The hunt for better and better items and the exciting fights are inferior to Diablo.
Finding the next waypoint to be able to teleport to the area is nerve-wracking.
New challenges and adventures await you in every region, which you can face either alone or in a group with friends.
PvP fans will also get their money’s worth because there are several modes to choose from and PvP seasons where everyone tries to become the best Hack and Slash player.

Who is Path of Exile suitable for?
Path of Exile impresses with its enormous complexity and the extensive possibilities to customize the hero with tons of skills and items. In addition, there is a very fair Free2Play system that does not drift into Pay2Win and a large community where you can always find fellow players or opponents.
Lots of quests, areas, and challenges also promise fun. Path of Exile is worth a look as an alternative to Diablo 3 for those who want a more complex game system.
The Hack and Slash can be played in German and is still very popular.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Van Helsing, the vampire hunter, has his hands full in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Hack and Slash. The story is loosely based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula but is set in a parallel world where supernatural beings terrorize the European population of the 19th century. The Final Cut version of the game contains all three parts in a heavily revised form.

The gameplay is very similar to Diablo.
In the role of Van Helsing, you fight your way through hordes of monsters from a perspective from above (Iso view), using your items and skills.
While there are only 20 skills, they can be modified in many ways, creating hundreds of combinations. In this way, you can customize each of the six classes.
The game enhances the classic click battles with bonuses generated from a rage bar.
You accumulate rage over time to unleash special attacks.
In multiplayer mode, you look for three other players and set out together in co-op to defeat the enemies.

Who are The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing suitable for?
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an excellent pastime for everyone who likes fast and effective Hack and Slash and wants to experience a different scenario.

Torchlight 1 and 2

The Torchlight series can perhaps best be described as Diablo clones, which remain faithful to the gameplay. There’s a reason that Torchlight was developed by former Blizzard employees Max and Erich Schaefer. Both also worked on the Hack and Slash Diablo.

Accordingly, both Torchlight games play very similarly to Blizzard’s action RPG. As a melee fighter, long-distance fighter, or magician, you explore a massive dungeon, which monsters have overrun in the first part.

The further you advance, the more dangerous monsters will stand in your way.
You can improve your hero using attributes and skills, and you will regularly find new items in the underground passages.
While Torchlight 1 has no multiplayer mode, it is possible in Part 2 for up to six heroes to face the challenges together.
Torchlight 2 offers a fourth class that can be used in many different ways with the engineer. In addition to skills and attributes, it is possible to collect fame points, which unlock special abilities.
Torchlight 2 is significantly more extensive than the first part and convinces with an excellent flow of the game, many items, exciting fights, and the multiplayer mode. Due to the randomly generated levels, each game plays a little differently.

Who is the Torchlight range for? Torchlight 1 and 2 is attractive for those who love the Diablo principle but want to experience a new story in a new world. Even if you like colorful comic graphics, Torchlight is sure to interest you.

Last Epoch

What’s exciting about Last Epoch is that the game lets you travel through time. And depending on which age you are in, you will also meet corresponding opponents such as dinosaurs or the undead.

So you can expect a certain versatility from the opponents.

The class system comprises five upper classes and 15 masterclasses, which define your play style precisely. The last Epoch is currently in Early Access.

5 Upper Classes: Mage, Sentinel, Primalist, Rogue, Acolyte
15 masterclasses: Runemaster, Spellblade, Sorcerer, Shaman, Beastmaster, Druid, Lich, Necromancer, Warlock, Bladedancer, Marksman, Falconer, Forge Guard, Void Knight, Paladin
Over 100 skill trees to customize your playstyles
Randomized Loot
Free updates
Optional hardcore mode

Who is the Last Epoch for?
Last Epoch is currently still in Early Access and should be released sometime in 2021 – so expect an unfinished game for now. Due to its many talent trees and skill options, it’s more in the direction of Path of Exile in terms of complexity.
A significant criticism of the game was the graphics, but they got a big update in 2020. It is still unclear when the Last Epoch will finally be released. Last Epoch’s game director stated in the interview that the game is in no rush to finish.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran wants to stand out from other Hack and Slash primarily through the character’s mobility. Because the hero dodges, dives, ducks, jumps to the side, and reflects shots, which brings a whole new dynamic. The already action-packed battles in the genre become even faster and more active.

You don’t choose from multiple classes for your hero.
Instead, you develop the character using skills, destiny cards, and demon abilities in directions that come at your convenience.
In terms of multiplayer mode, the action RPG offers you the opportunity to work cooperatively with up to three other players against the legions of monsters.
Or you can compete against each other in a PvP arena.
You collect a lot of loot.

Who is Victor Vran suitable for?
Victor Vran convinces with the very fast fights, the possibility of improving the hero individually, and the many items you can find during the adventure. Nevertheless, Victor Vran is a varied alternative to Blizzard’s Diablo, thanks to the exciting combat system.

Vikings-Wolves of Midgard

The Vikings weren’t squeamish, and that’s precisely what the Hack and Slash Vikings – Wolves of Midgard shows. As a mighty Viking warrior or an agile shieldmaiden, you face the hordes of darkness as Ragnarök descends on the world. An icy winter threatens to destroy everything, and you struggle to survive.

Your hero has numerous special attacks and uses the power of the gods to face their trials.
As you explore the world, hordes of enemies stand in your way, which you destroy with considerable skills and many powerful weapons.
As a Viking, you accumulate wrath with every foe you kill, unleashing on your enemies by going into a frenzy.
During your adventures, you will fight your way through areas of Midgard, freezing Niflheim, and dangerous Balheim (Muspelheim).
Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is only released for those over 18. Because this is where things get bloody.
You don’t have to face your enemies alone because, in co-op mode, you face the opponents in pairs.
Depending on the selected difficulty level, challenges await you that will make even a seasoned Viking sweat.

Who are Vikings: Wolves of Midgard suitable for?
If you’re looking for a more brutal, action RPG that’s heart-pounding and based on Norse mythology, this is the place for you.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, you are one of the Children of Hemlock, an elite group of warriors fighting demons and witchcraft. However, a power awakens within you during a fight, making you the enemy of your previous companions. However, you realize that all is not as it seems during your escape.

You create a hero using a sophisticated skill system, which you can use to distribute skill points freely and create your class. In the action-packed battles, you also have to compete against mighty bosses and go on the hunt for valuable loot to improve your hero further.

NPCs provide you with many quests that lead you into the beautiful game world.
The story is divided into several acts that lead you from area to area.
You can expect fights against tons of monsters and dangerous bosses during the quests like in Diablo.
You improve your hero using an extensive skill tree and are free to decide which skills you want to use.
In addition, you expand a city, for which you have to grind.

Who is Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem aimed at?
The Hack and Slay is an exciting alternative for those looking for an action RPG that looks modern and pretty, with a focus on storytelling. On release, Wolcen struggled with technical issues, which the team has since gotten under control. Now, however, new content should slowly follow.

Diablo: Immortal
We mention the game here, as well as Diablo 2: Resurrected, in the alternatives list. After all, the game is also available for smartphones and can therefore be an excellent alternative to PC games.

You can play Diablo: Immortal on your smartphone from anywhere – on the train, on the bus, on the sofa, in the garden, in bed. You can choose from the classes barbarian, demon hunter, crusader, monk, necromancer, and magician with which you can go on your adventures. The story takes place between part 2 and part 3 and tells the story of the Immortals. A group of guardians is tasked with protecting Sanctuario from evil.

You play the well-known Hack&Slash that you know from the series. Slaughter, loot, and level up monsters. You can let off steam in the campaign if you want, which should last about 10 hours. Alternatively, there are also rifts and bounties in which you farm loot and XP. In addition to the average level system, the Paragon levels are also coming back, playing an essential role in Diablo 3 and continuing the level system.

There is also PvP content, dungeons, and raids for 4-8 players and endgame raids for up to 48 players.

Who is Diablo Immortal aimed at?
Anyone who has played previous installments of Diablo, or is looking for something to while away the wait for Diablo 4 should find an exciting title here. You can continue in the campaign on the go on the smartphone, which you left off at home on the PC.

Diablo 2: Resurrected
Mentioning Diablo 2 as a game like Diablo is probably self-explanatory, but we still want to say the remaster Diablo 2: Resurrected here. The game is considered the pinnacle of the series for many fans, and the remaster has generated a lot of excitement.

With Resurrected, the game released in 2000 is reissued. The remaster includes both the base game and the Lord of Destruction expansion. This gives you five playable acts and seven character classes.
Compared to Diablo 3, the predecessor is even more complex. The classes have large skill trees and some of the best weapons and armor you have to craft yourself using so-called rune words. But don’t let that deter you.

Who is Diablo 2: Resurrected aimed at?
Anyone who has played Diablo 2 in the past will surely enjoy the remaster. But new players should check out the Hack and Slash.

Porting to consoles makes the game more accessible, and the controller support gives a whole different feel to the game, even solving some of the game’s issues. Getting started might be more strenuous, class builds, and gear crafting more comprehensive, but it’s worth the effort.

With Diablo 2, you play a piece of video game history and one of the ARPGs with the most significant influence on the genre. Incidentally, Resurrected is also an excellent warm-up exercise for Diablo 4 because the new part is supposed to be more closely based on Diablo 2.